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Business Strategy Consulting
For over 30 years, Daniel Burrus has been a strategic consultant to the highest levels of both business and government leaders worldwide, helping them to better understand how technological, social and business forces are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities. Mr. Burrus has led the way in solving impossible problems with his track record of accurate predictions, best selling books, and proven results.

Using this proprietary system Burrus ignites breakthrough innovation and strategies based on Hard Trends™ combined with the creative application of leading-edge technology. As a strategic innovation consultant, his primary goals are twofold; to produce major marketable innovative insights in the shortest possible time.

His diverse client base provides unique insights allowing him to develop solutions to complex problems,and see invisible opportunities. Clients who have used Burrus Business Strategy Consulting Services include Microsoft, GE, American Express, Google, Lockheed Martin, Toshiba, Honda, ExxonMobil, IBM, and more.

Our strategic innovation consulting services include:

  • Assisting executives in designing their strategies by evaluating the technological, social and business forces affecting their industry today and in the future.
  • Teaching leadership teams how to unlock future success by identifying Hard and Soft Trends and grounding decisions in certainty.
  • Providing teams practical methods they need to see and activate opportunities.
  • Formulating the concepts for new products, services and markets worldwide, while developing a shared vision.
  • Helping to formalize, capture and leverage intellectual capital within an organization to produce higher valued assets.

View our Business Strategy Innovative Consulting Case Studies and discover what our client companies have achieved with Daniel Burrus.

Business Strategy Consulting Case Study Samples

Client: Kellogg’s
Objective: The objective of the day was to create a new relationship with Kellogg’s and Yahoo! that would yield an overwhelming competitive advantage for Kellogg’s by:
  • learning and understanding how to apply Burrus’ Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing;
  • developing strategies to enable new and deeper relationships with our core audiences; and
  • discover new platforms for brand/business building ideas.

Result: Kellogg’s won a Cannes International Ad Award with an idea that came directly from the game.

The impact of the day over-delivered against the objectives. A new language and mindset has emerged that all organizations involved (Leo Burnett, Kellogg, Starcom and Yahoo!) are better able to leverage. Dan Burrus did a masterful job at preparing and leading the organizations (Yahoo!, Leo Burnett, and Kellogg’s). In one day we have jumped forward 3 years.
- John Sheehy, EVP, Leo Burnett

Client: Cadbury Schweppes
Objective: Understand the new world of digital marketing and define a new marketing strategy that will provide competitive advantage.

Results: Made a 1.3 billion dollar acquisition based on an idea from the game that provided a major sales increase. Implemented new digital marketing strategy with partner Yahoo! That resulted in increased sales and profits in the first year.

The Marketing Advantage day put us on a path of transformational change. Overnight, we have a clear line of sight to win in many more categories. The opportunities for us have tripled!
- Jim Trebilcock, SVP, Cadbury Schweppes

Client: Yahoo!
Objective: Understand how to leverage our digital services in new ways and help our advertising grow.

Results: After using the new process with their first client, the order grew from $800,000 to over $8,000,000 in less than three months. Similar results with other clients.

We have had Dan Burrus’ Marketing Advantage Game on more than one occasion, and each time it has been a “startling” success. The process of having groups select strategies and enabling tools to reach integrated decisions is highly engaging and very effective.
- Charlie Thomas, Vice President of Regional Sales, Yahoo!

Objective: Create an overwhelming Advantage for

Results: They did gain a major advantage in their region and they have been highly profitable even in the economic downturn in Michigan!

Since our meeting we have identified 22 initiatives, in the last six months including the addition of online training programs, a multi-language website, and voice recognition software to enhance the way we do business. There is no doubt that the process immediately added to our bottom line and created long-term value. The day Dan spent with us was action packed and our associates are still raving about the process. The thought provocation and the tangible changes are already beginning to have an effect.
- Bob Bohlen, CEO,

Client: DOWCO
Objective: Help us redefine our strengths, discover new markets and generate actionable ideas that will provide new competitive advantages.

Results:The Competitive Advantage process helped us redefine our core competency, identify new markets for our products, and develop strategies to accomplish our goals. We have since worked on revising our mission statement, started a redesign of our websites and craft a new message for our sales force. The process helped everyone involved from our company share a stake in the outcome and claim ownership in future success.
- Chuck Webster, CEO, DOWCO

Client: Penta Water Company
Objective: Redefine our core strength and determine new marketing and competitive advantages.

Results:My leadership team found Dan Burrus’s “Competitive Advantage” strategy session very productive from three perspectives; (1) it helped us re-think about what our true business definition is and how we can set up to compete and win. (2) really opened our eyes around what the new world of actionable strategies are and how to leverage them in profitably building our business and (3) really energized and aligned my team around a discrete set of strategic choices we need to execute against together to be successful.
- Dennis O’Brien, CEO, Penta Water Company

In our fast pace business environment, we are committed to providing a variety of options to work with Daniel that suit your business needs.

  • On location consulting
  • Monthly/Quarterly tune up calls/video conferences
  • Telephone/video conference advising
  • Webinars

Clients Rave About Strategy Innovation Consultant and Keynote Speaker Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus has over three decades of being right about where things are going, which is evidenced by his long and diverse list of repeat clients. Daniel has worked with the Pentagon, heads of State, and the top corporations-delivering powerful insights and creating raving fans.

Having worked with so many industries and challenges helps Daniel see the invisible opportunities and do the impossible. He changes how his clients think about the future and teaches them how to separate the things that will happen from those which might happen.

Read some of his client testimonials to discover why he is considered one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and business strategists.