Flash Foresight Innovation Workshop

Have you ever wished you could predict the future—and be right?

Flash Foresight Innovation WorkshopWhat would it be like if your organization could clearly see critical changes in the months and years ahead, and use those insights to shape that future, instead of just letting it unfold by default?

Using Daniel Burrus’ seven radical principles, identified in his New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling book Flash Foresight, you’ll first learn how to use The Power of Certainty to spot and profit from future trends long before your competition does.

Anyone can avoid the fate of Polaroid, Kodak, Motorola, GM and Blockbuster, and instead create must-have products and high-demand services — as Apple, Canon, Toyota, Netflix and so many others have — by seeing what others can’t: the hard trends that are shaping our future. All it takes is learning where and how to look, by developing your sense of flash foresight.

In this half or full-day seminar, Daniel Burrus will show you how to distinguish what’s certain (future fact) from what’s uncertain (future maybe). You’ll also learn six equally powerful principles that trigger flash foresights, including:

  • Anticipate - base your strategies on what will happen in the future;
  • Transform how you sell, market, collaborate, communicate, educate and innovate;
  • Take your biggest problem — and skip it - it’s not your real problem anyway;
  • Go opposite - look where no one else is looking to see what no one else is seeing;
  • Redefine and reinvent - use tech-driven change to create new products and services;
  • Strategically direct your future or someone else will direct it for you.
Flash Foresight Innovation Workshop
Flash Foresight Innovation Workshop
Flash Foresight Innovation Workshop

Burrus doesn’t stop at honing your flash foresight skills. He will also share the most foreseeable certainties and trends and how innovative businesses can profit from them.

Using his seven radical principles and drawing on provocative examples that range from small companies and entrepreneurial startups to multinational organizations, Burrus will illustrate how such accurate flashes of insight about the future are the key to successful innovation — and how they are learned skills that will help you see ahead of the curve and navigate a solution before the rest of the world even sees a problem coming.

Just look at Apple, who accurately saw the trends of accelerating bandwidth, processing power, and high-capacity storage and harnessed them to create the megahits iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, Polaroid, Kodak and Motorola spent years clinging to analog models while their competitors triumphed by grasping the arrival of the digital age. GM failed to respond to trends that were obvious for over a decade (rising gas prices driven by increased global demand from China and India, and improving quality from foreign rivals), and Blockbuster lost out to Netflix by failing to embrace the leap to virtual space.

Bring the power of Daniel Burrus and his seven radical principles to your organization and learn how to transform your business by seeing the invisible and doing the impossible.

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