Marketing Advantage Workshop

Marketing Strategy Seminar Offered By Daniel Burrus

Armed with certainty about how consumer behavior is changing and what lies ahead, individuals and organizations can make detailed plans regarding how to advance. As a result, they gain enormous competitive advantage during this unique and pivotal time.

With today’s technology, it is possible to know consumers and their buying habits. Companies can measure not only if prospects purchased their product, but when, where and how they responded to interactive promotions. Marketing is evolving from trying to generate transactions to trying to generate relationships.

The old model of marketing and advertising is becoming increasingly less effective. Marketing Advantage will help you determine what the new model is… and then leverage it to help you gain superior results.

Marketing Advantage is a unique and powerful method for collaboratively developing new marketing strategies to accurately and effectively reach prospects and customers during this exciting, transformational period. This extraordinary process is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s not just a one-time event taking precious hours out of your day. It’s more like an ongoing discovery for outdistancing your competitors.

Leo Burnett

The objectives of the day were to create an overwhelming competitive advantage by:

1. Learning and understanding what we did not already know;

2. Developing strategies to enable new and deeper relationships with our core audiences; and

3. discovering new platforms for brand / business building ideas.

The impact of the day overdeliverd against our objectives. A new language and mindset has emerged that all organizations involved (Leo Burnett, Kellogg, Starcom and Yahoo!) are better able to leverage.

Daniel Burrus did a masterful job at preparing and leading the organizations. In one day we have jumped forward 3 years.end

- John Sheehy, EVP, Head of Account Management, Leo Burnett

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