Phone Consultations with Daniel Burrus


Daniel Burrus, Founder & CEO Burrus Research Associates

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Daniel Burrus spends several hours each week consulting by telephone with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup companies as well as executives from large corporations, providing unique guidance and advice.

Daniel uses the same proprietary system he uses during high-level in-person consultations. These 60-minute phone consultations will:

  • Assist you in designing a comprehensive strategy by evaluating the technological, social and business forces affecting your industry, organization or personal goals today and in the future.
  • Teach you how to unlock future success by identifying Hard and Soft Trends and grounding decisions in certainty. Daniel will provide you with practical methods to make intelligent decisions and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Help formulate the concepts for new products, services and markets worldwide, while developing a shared vision.
  • Formalize, capture and leverage intellectual capitalto produce higher valued assets.

Telephone consultations are booked in 60-minute blocks on dates that are not already booked with travel or in-person presentations or consultations. We offer affordable pricing that is tiered for your organization or personal development needs.

To inquire about a telephone consultation, please call our main office at

Contact strategic consultant Daniel Burrus to help you produce major results in the shortest possible time with his business strategy consulting services.