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I wanted to launch Flash Foresight by doing something impossible. In the spirit of abundance, over 40 top authors who love the book and want to help me get the message to as many people as possible agreed to contribute one of their products (ebooks, videos, exclusive interviews and educational systems) that support the message of the book and the result is an amazing collection of educational resources that are valued at over $20,000, to anyone who buys Flash Foresight from this site. When people work together, the impossible can become possible. Learn more.

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Exclusive Interview with John Assaraf and Daniel Burrus

John AssarafJohn Assaraf

Video: “Interview with John Assaraf” Streaming 20 min, Flash

Value: Priceless

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John Assaraf, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, is recognized as one of the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management’s Distinguished Thought Leaders and one of the most sought after certified life coaches that people turn to when they want to live the life of their dreams. In this exclusive interview with Daniel Burrus, John shares why he resonates so well with Daniel Burrus’ new book Flash Foresight: How To See The Invisible and Do The Impossible.

The DISCself Online Assessment

Dr. Tony AlessandraDr. Tony Alessandra

The DISCself Online Assessment

Value: $59

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An indisputable fact is that people prefer to interact with people they like. In fact, Daniel Burrus says that the future is all about relationships! The DISC online assessment is designed to improve interpersonal communications. The 29-page DISC report devotes as much space teaching you how to improve your interpersonal interactions as it does describing your natural DISC behavioral style. We want you realize fast, effective learning strategies that get you results immediately.

eBook: Meditate on Your Professional Brilliance

Simon BaileySimon Bailey

eBook: Meditate on Your Professional Brilliance – PDF

Value $69

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Simon climbed from a position at a small hotel chain to becoming a sales director for Disney Institute based at the Walt Disney World Resort in less than fifteen years designing leadership programs for tomorrow’s corporate leaders. It was then that he decided to realize his dream to launch the Brilliance Institute.

A job is what you are paid to do, however, Release Your Brilliance is what you are made to do. Simon shows you how to transform your hidden brilliance and create the destiny you want. All it takes to sparkle – is knowing how to shine.

Innovation at the Verge

Joel BarkerJoel Barker

Innovation at the Verge

Value: $395

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Five Regions of the Future is a video about a new way to conceptualize technology development. It shows you five different ways technology is evolving with examples and scenarios to illustrate each region of the future. It will help you and your organization rethink the technology marketplace and your role in it.

This gift features selected chapters from my book: Five Regions of the Future. The excerpts will give you an overview on the five different ways technology is evolving and show you a new way to conceptualize technology development. Five Regions of the Future will help you rethink the technology marketplace and your organizations role in it.

Serving as Leader

Chip BellChip Bell

Serving as Leader—PDF ebook

Value: $10

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The contemporary practice of leadership has been forged by truisms from the factory floor. The era of service and knowledge worker requires fresh thinking and new principles. Serving as Leader is a 40+ page booklet that uses solid pragmatics and compelling stories to instruct how to serve those you lead.

Exclusive Interview with Ken Blanchard and Daniel Burrus

Ken BlanchardKen Blanchard

Video: “Interview with Ken Blanchard” Streaming 15 min, Flash and four chapters from Lead with LUV, PDF format)

Value: Priceless

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Ken is one of the most influential leadership experts in the world and is respected for his years of groundbreaking work in the fields of leadership and management. In this exclusive interview Ken discusses leadership through times of transformational change and Ken shares several insights, which he’s developed that are specific to the themes of Flash Foresight.

Four chapters of Lead with LUV, the extraordinary new book by Ken Blanchard and Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines. Buy now and learn why leading with love is the most powerful way to lead and how it can help you achieve unprecedented business performance!

Become a Beloved and Prosperous Company

Jeanne BlissJeanne Bliss

Online Diagnostic & BELIEVE “In a Box”

Value: $300

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Jeanne Bliss transforms organizations from being “everyday” companies, where customers price shop them and employees don’t feel a compelling reason to stay, to becoming a “beloved” company, where customers and employees are passionate zealots, and become the army that grows their business by raving about them to everyone they know.

This comprehensive “kit”—which includes diagnostics, video, activities and tools—is designed to allow leaders of new and experienced service providers in any sized organization to guide their team through a 2 to 3 hour discovery session that “tees up” your journey to DECIDING TO BELIEVE.

Relationship Marketing, Technology and Personal Development

Terry BrockTerry Brock

Video: “Interview with Terry Brock” Streaming 15 min, Flash And Access To Private Website.

Value: $200

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Exclusive Interview with Terry Brock and Daniel Burrus. Terry discusses the power of technology to connect people.

You’ll also get access to several hours of marketing audio (downloadable as MP3 or streaming), videos you can watch immediately and some powerful articles to help you build your business.

Site is password protected so send proof of purchase and email to to get the key.

Transform Your Communication Through the Power of Presence

Dianna BooherDianna Booher

Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader (Ebook excerpt from her forthcoming book)

Value: $125

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Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader by bestselling author Dianna Booher provides guidance on how to say the right thing at the right time. She reveals how to demonstrate competence in ways that lead to success. Get this exclusive excerpt, along with a $100 discount on any Booher public workshop or coaching program.

Winning Without Intimidation

Bob BurgBob Burg

Winning Without Intimidation – PDF ebook, 268 pages

Value: $47

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Get what you want, when you want it and from whom you want it—while making others feel good about themselves and you in the process! This 268-page ebook covers all areas of dealing with people; especially the difficult people and situations we all are faced with from time-to-time, though it might seem like every day.

This ebook will help you master a level of people skills you never dreamed you could have. You’ll attain a level of respect from others you may never have realized you were capable of attaining—and your finances will improve dramatically as well.

Technotrends Newsletter Electronic Subscription, plus A Strategic Consultation

Daniel BurrusDaniel Burrus

Technotrends Newsletter Electronic Subscription – 1yr. Subscription, eNewsletter, PDF Format

Value: $29.95 per year

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Published monthly by the forecast experts at Burrus Research Associates, Inc., the Technotrends Newsletter is “must” reading for everyone who believes in planning for the future and coming out a winner. Each issue includes a feature column written by Daniel Burrus that offers readers innovative strategies for the creative application of new and emerging technologies. In addition, concise, easy-to-read news articles describe the latest breakthroughs in technology from around the world in a variety of fields including Medicine, Alternative Energy, Telecommunications, Genetics, Nanotechnology, Security, Bioengineering, and many more.

Becoming A Category of One

Joe CallowayJoe Calloway

Becoming A Category of One: The Change Imperative, A White Paper by Joe Calloway – PDF

Value $49

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“If you’re successful, that means you know what used to work.”
“The markets that you succeeded in no longer exist.”
That’s the reality of today’s marketplace. This White Paper, based on the game-changing business book Becoming A Category of One, is about moving forward to create success by being better tomorrow than you were today.

Exclusive Interview with Jack Canfield and Daniel Burrus

Jack CanfieldJack Canfield

Video: “Interview with Jack Canfield” Streaming Video 25 min, Flash and two chapters from The Success Principles

Value: Priceless

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As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, Jack Canfield fostered the emergence of inspirational anthologies as a genre – and watched it grow to a billion dollar market. As the driving force behind the development and delivery of more than 125 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise, Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about success. In this video interview, Jack discusses how he helps people get from where they are to where they want to be and how people in a period of transformation can really benefit.

BONUS: Get Started with Jack’s Success Principles today!

The Success Principles, has become an instant classic and is hailed as the NEW self-improvement standard. Enjoy learning from these sample chapters where you’ll learn about the 64 Success Principles the world’s top achievers use to excel in all areas of their life from their careers to their finances, relationships, leisure pursuits, philanthropic activities and more.

Customer Loyalty & Understanding the Mind of the Buyer

Jim CathcartJim Cathcart

Two free ebooks—PDF format

Value: $19.90

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With over 34 years of professional speaking around the world, Jim Cathcart is one of the best known and most award-winning motivational speakers in the business. He has delivered more than 2,700 presentations to audiences in every state of the US, most provinces of Canada and countries from Scotland to Singapore.

Original author of Relationship Selling Two e-books published in 2009:

  • Customer Loyalty – Understanding the Buyer’s Needs Sales Psychology
  • Understanding the Mind of the Buyer

Resources: Leaders Using Flash Foresight

Marcia DaszkoMarcia Daszko

Resources: Leaders Using Flash Foresight – Assessment tool

Value: $10,000

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  • Leadership Self-Assessment: For leaders who will transform their businesses using Flash Foresight, begin by seeing how you think today. How do you rate when you need to “go opposite” and accelerate your pace of change? Take this quick assessment and use the consulting & facilitation services gift Marcia Daszko & Associates is offering to help accelerate your pace of transformation.
  • Book Chapter: Sustainable Success: Leaders Who Transform, written by Marcia Daszko and published in Organizational Project Management: Linking Strategy and Projects in June, 2010 by Management Concepts.

Streaming DVD: Crafting The Springboard Story

Stephen DenningStephen Denning

Streaming DVD: Crafting the Springboard Story—Video

Value: $299

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Stephen Denning, a former director of the World Bank, is the award winning author of books on leadership, innovation and organizational storytelling. His latest book, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management: Reinventing the Workplace for the 21st Century (Jossey-Bass, 2010), was selected by 800-CEO-READ as one of the best five books on management in 2010. He is also the author of The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling (2005) and The Secret Language of Leadership (2007).

Steve Denning’s Streaming DVD:Crafting the Springboard Story
You will get the full content of Steve Denning’s DVD, Crafting the Springboard Story, which normally sells for $299. It contains the full 54 minute workshop on using story to inspire people to want to change.

“Mindsets to a New Year”

Roxanne EmmerichRoxanne Emmerich

Free Audio: “Mindsets to a New Year” Audio: 52 min, . MP3

Value: $97

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Roxanne Emmerich, renowned for her ability to transform “ho-hum” workplaces into massive results-oriented “bring-it-on” environments, is providing a free 52-minute MP3 full of timeless ideas, strategies and concepts to ignite your passion, catapult your performance to new levels, and boost the morale of your company. In this highly-requested audio, Roxanne Emmerich describes how you take these breakthrough ideas and can create a “TGIM” workplace now!

Three Valuable Ebooks from Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey GittomerJeffrey Gittomer

Three Valuable Ebooks—PDF format

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Jeffrey Gitomer is among the most sought after inspirational speakers in the world today. He gives over 100 corporate and public seminars a year around the world, his clients include the largest national and multi-national corporations. Jeffrey’s sellout presentations and keynote addresses are funny, insightful, real world, in your face, off the wall, and on the money.

Want to learn to listen better? Maximize your listening skills, increase your productivity, reduce errors, gain customer loyalty, and most of all help you make more sales.The Little e-book Listening Jeffrey outlines the 14.5 Listen Lesson Guidelines and how to get your prospect listening, laughing, and buying.

Running a road race is not just about winning. It’s about competing, it’s about being and doing your best, it’s about personal best—not world best. It’s about personal victory and personal pride in Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little E-Book of Winners and Whiners: How to Stop the 29.5 Most Common Sales Whines and Prepare to Win.

E-mail is sales-mail, if you do it write! E-mail is cold calls, and every e-mail is an impression of you. If your out of the office or out of your mind this Little e-book of E-mail converts e-mail mystery to e-mail mastery. Click on the orange button to access all thee books.

Workforce/Workplace Forecast

Joyce GioiaJoyce Gioia

Special Alert 2011 Workforce/Workplace Forecast: What’s Coming, What It Means To You, and What To Do About It—Report, PDF format

Value: $100

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Find out what’s coming and what to do about it in this 14-page special report from workforce guru Joyce Gioia that has something for everyone. Not only will you learn about the trends to be aware of, but Joyce also details valuable advice to guide you to success.

Exclusive Interview with Peter Guber, American Film Producer & Daniel Burrus

Peter GuberPeter Guber

Video: “Interview with Peter Guber” Streaming 15 min, Flash

Value: Priceless

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Peter Guber, author of Tell To Win—Connect, Persuade and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group, producer of award winning films including The Color Purple, Rain Man, and Gorillas in the Mist, and owner and Co-executive Chairman of the NBA franchise, the Golden State Warriors.

In this exclusive interview with Daniel Burrus, Peter talks about how to create purposeful stories that can serve as powerful calls to action using his exclusvie techniques and how they relate to Flash Foresight.

Sales Training from Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins International, Inc.Tom Hopkins International, Inc.

10 Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes—MP3 format

Value: $47

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Learn the 10 Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes Everyone Is Making and How to Avoid Them. There’s more valuable content to help you advance your selling career on this 35-minute recording than you find in most books. Learn what over a million of Tom’s fans know and use to make them successful.

Weekly Business Insight Series

Shep HykenShep Hyken

Shep Hyken’s Weekly Business Insight Series! Free subsription.

Value: $19.95

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Imagine that every week for a full year you will receive a business tip, idea—an insight—that will help you sell more, deliver better service, be a better manager, build stronger relationships with the people you work with—and more!

Make your company CHANGE-READY©

Dr. Bob KriegelDr. Bob Kriegel

Value: $50

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Ever since Dr. Bob Kriegel co-founded the country’s first sports psychology institute in 1972 he’s been a trailblazer, developing groundbreaking strategies for keeping ahead of the changes and competition in both the business and sports worlds. The New York Times said his work “spurred a revolution in performance practices.” A former all-American swimmer Bob has been a ‘mental coach’ for many Olympic and professional teams and athletes. Kriegel, who US News & World Report called one of the countries leading authorities in the field of change and human performance, has been a commentator on NPR’s Marketplace program, and did two specials for PBS. He has taught at Stanford’s Executive Management Program and co-authored the international best sellers; If it ain’t broke…BREAK IT and Inner Skiing, as well as Business Week best seller, Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers.


The world is changing at an incredible pace: The economy is unpredictable. Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations happening at light speed and overnight are causing industries to be redefined and companies to reinvent themselves. Competition is fierce with big new competitors changing the playing field and evolving technologies changing the way we communicate, obtain information, sell our products and services and run our businesses.

The internet is transforming how, where and when people and organizations buy as well as who they buy from. And rather than slowing down or leveling off, this pace of change is speeding up. When people in our programs are asked to rate the level of change in their jobs, companies and industries on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high, the response is often off the scale.

Harvey Mackay Rolodex Network Builder

Harvey MacKayHarvey MacKay

Value: $12.95

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Successful people have the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts. The Harvey Mackay Rolodex Network Builder shows people how to create a contact management system and more importantly, how to use it to humanize your selling strategy. It helps you take business relationships to a personal level.

Leaders Hold the Vision

John David MannJohn David Mann

Leaders Hold the Vision PDF ebook, 61 pages

Value: Priceless—not available anywhere else

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This special-edition PDF ebook by John David Mann is not available anywhere else—at any price!

Leaders Hold the Vision is a collection of edifying and thought-provoking essays on what it takes to be a leader and what it means to be a human being. This special-edition ebook contains some of John David Mann’s most popular essays on leadership (including the classic “Leaders Hold a Vision”) as well as some of his most personal and inspirational musings and writings from the past few years, assembled here for the first time.

“Create the Ultimate Customer Experience!®”

Scott McKainScott McKain

Ebook—PDF format

Value: $14.95

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Scott is the author of Collapse of Distinction, named by the Miami Herald and others as one of the “Top Ten Business Books” of the year—presents: Create the Ultimate Customer Experience!®

Read Scott’s popular blog at: — and learn more about his books and speeches at:

Profitable Revenue Growth Webinar Series

David NourDavid Nour

Profitable Revenue Growth Webinar Series—6 Recorded webinars, 1 hour each, WMV format.

Value: $375

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So you think we just survived a great recession? Guess what’s next? The post recession recovery and companies who will clearly outpace their competitive peers will invest in their ability to drive profitable growth by fine tuning their sales, marketing and business development engine!

In our strategic advisory work, we consistently see misalignment between critical areas of sales efficiency and effectiveness. In this series of six (6) recorded webinars, we cover the latest thought leadership.

Do you standout in a positive way?

Connie PodestaConnie Podesta

Do you standout in a positive way?—Assessment Tool

Value: $25

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Find out how you rank among top professional AND get chapter one FREE from Connie’s latest book Ten Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd: How to Out-Perform and Out-Think the Competition.

Before you can truly STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, you first have to know where you STAND in terms of performance, reputation, determination, attitude, creativity, relationships and leadership skills. Let’s face it. Job security is no longer a guarantee—even for those with outstanding skills and the right attitude. Knowing how you measure up in the workplace in terms of making the right CHOICES, adeptly managing CHANGE, mastering new SKILLS and taking the INTIATIVE gives you the power to take charge of your future—whatever that future holds for you.

This intuitive assessment tool offers detailed insights to help you identify your strengths (so you can capitalize on them) and your limitations (so you can work to improve in those areas).

Ebook, sales training & 3 hours of audio

Chuck ReavesChuck Reaves

Ebook – The Nanosecond Salesperson

Value: $15.00

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A former top salesperson for AT&T (#1 out of 1,100) will show you how to take the principles from Flash Foresight and incorporate into your selling process. Chuck Reaves, CSP,CPAE, CSO is a cutting-edge Sales Developer who teaches the most advanced sales processes to CEO’s, CSO’s, sales executives and seasoned sales professionals all over the world. He is pioneering the Chief Sales Officer implementation, Kaizen for Sales, Real Sales Automation and Supply Chain Selling. He is the former CEO of a thirty-million dollar company, a decorated Vietnam veteran and a successful entrepreneur.

Take the principles you have learned from Flash Foresight into your sales process immediately with an e-book version of The NANOSECOND Salesperson which will bring you up to date quickly on the most important changes in sales.

Transformational Change! Love It and Lead It!

Terry Paulson, PhDTerry Paulson, PhD

Transformational Change! Love It and Lead It!—10 Minute Video—WMV format

Value: $49.95

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Flash Foresight provides the vision; making that transformational change work is your challenge. This short presentation by one of America’s top experts on change leadership will help you learn how to sell the need, generate and sustain focused optimism, make needed course-corrections at the speed of change, involve the right stakeholders, and use story to make change contagious.

Keyword Secrets: 60 Minutes to Simple Keyword Success

Ford SaeksFord Saeks

“Keyword Secrets: 60 Minutes to Simple Keyword Success” MP3 audio by Ford Saeks

Value: $150

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Ford Saeks, Catalyst for Profit-Rich Results, is providing a free 60-minute MP3 full of secrets to keyword success. To get more qualified Internet leads, higher sales, and a profitable website, you need to have a clear understanding of the specific keyword and keyword phrases for your target market, products, and services. Keywords are the driving foundation for Internet success, and too often the most overlooked, misused or misunderstood element on your website, blog, and social media profiles. In this 60-minute audio, Ford Saeks breaks down the critical fundamentals of keywords in a way that even the non-techie can understand to help you boost your web traffic, bring in better qualified leads, higher sales and more profit!

101 Tips for Innovation

Mark SanbornMark Sanborn

101 Tips for Innovation—PDF report

Value: $9.97

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Innovators don’t just survive tough times, they thrive. We have only to look as far as Apple and their innovative iProducts or Google and their stratospheric stock price to see that those who innovate are rewarded. Mark Sanborn has provided you a tool that will spur you to new heights of innovation in 101 value-packed tips for sparking the fire of creativity and turning on the light bulb of Edisonian inventiveness that will get you and keep you on the creativity band wagon.

Rules From the Road

Alan M. WebberAlan M. Webber

Rules From the Road—Ebook PDF format

Value: $10

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For the past 18 months, following the publication of my book Rules of Thumb: 52 Truths for Winning at Business Without Losing Your Self, I’ve been on a world tour, a global detective looking for fresh clues that explain how business really works and what it takes to play the game and win. As a bonus gift for Dan’s new book, here are a few new rules from the road that I’ve collected in my most recent travels.

An Alan Weiss teleconference: Riding the Recovery!

Alan WeissAlan Weiss

An Alan Weiss teleconference: Riding the Recovery! MP3 1 hour

Value: $100

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During the devastating economic collapse, I presented “Accelerating Business in A Dismal Economy,” which set a record for registrants. I followed that up with the equally popular “From Panic to PROFIT.” In both of these sessions—and in numerous articles in my newsletters, on my blog, and in the popular press—I stressed that these techniques would work excellently in the recession, but that we also had to prepare for a recovery that was closer and more profound than the “doom and gloom” skeptics would have us believe.

Get Beyond Your Barriers

Thomas J. WinningerThomas J. Winninger

Get Beyond Your Barriers—ebook, PDF format.

Value: $19.95

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Thom works with clients to answer this question, he provides insights into your business by conducting trend research for your specific business.

  • For thirty years Thom has been working with Industry Leaders; helping them discover the Absolute Truths, or foundations, of their business.
  • Absolute Truths will become the foundation of all that you do, both internally and externally. Thom will help you build a foundation of truths upon which you attach ideas.
  • Your ability to succeed, in any market, relies on your ability to attach these Absolute Truths to your ideas.
  • Thom’s presentation will combine: his experience as a business strategy expert; the latest market research on business growth and differentiation; and the Absolute Truths of philosophers, like Aristotle.
  • Thom’s coaching takes a universal approach…inviting you to connect Absolute Truths with your purpose; in your business, career, and life.
  • Thom will transform your audience with: Absolute Truths.