Technology is continually changing the rules of competition, rendering many traditional business strategies and processes obsolete. Emerging technologies provide opportunities for creating new, high margin products and services, as well as enable companies to gain new levels of speed, agility and cost savings. In addition, they allow us to de- commoditize current products and services. Identifying and understanding the challenges and opportunities that new technologies create has become a key business imperative. In this eye-opening presentation, New York Times best selling author Daniel Burrus identifies specific technologies that will directly impact you and your industry. He will share how dematerialization, virtualization, advanced mobility, product intelligence, advanced networking, interactivity, globalization and convergence can be used to drive innovation and advantage as you develop new products, services and customer experiences.

Daniel Burrus is a highly successful entrepreneur who has founded and managed six businesses, three of which were national leaders in the first year. Over the past 30 years, he has established a worldwide reputation for his exceptional record of accurately predicting how technological, social, and business forces are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities.