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The Burrus Technology Trends Research Division

In 1983, Daniel Burrus pioneered a new and powerful methodology for predicting the future of technological change, and became the first and only futurist to accurately identify the groundbreaking technology categories that would drive more than two decades of revolutionary change. To this day the Burrus Taxonomy of Technology remains an accurate depiction of the driving forces behind the monumental changes that continue to take place.

As innovations in science and technology continue to provide us with new tools that have the power to revolutionize the world in which we live, work and play, the Burrus Technology Trends Research Division monitors these global advancements to help companies and organizations identify specific technologies, technology trends, and technological changes that will impact their industry, and learn how they can be leveraged to create value.

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Exclusive Articles on Technology Trends and How Technological Change Impacts You

Looking for some creative, original thinking about which new and emerging technologies are positioned to have the greatest impact on your industry over the next five to ten years? As a leading technology forecaster, business strategist, and the author of hundreds of articles, Daniel Burrus can provide you with an exclusive perspective, tailored to your industry and containing specific insights into:

  • The opportunities that will be made possible by rapid technological change
  • What you and your organization can do to capitalize on them now