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The Foresight Package 2014


Formats: Hardcover book, Print Magazine, e-Newsletter (40% savings)
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Daniel Burrus’ Flash Foresight book

(retail $27.99)
Daniel Burrus takes the concept of looking into the future and transforms it into a new paradigm for running highly successful businesses in the 21st century. Using seven key principles and drawing on a wide range of examples, it explains how “flashes of insight about the future” are a key to successful innovation and learned behaviors that can help you see ahead of the curve and navigate a solution before the rest of the world even sees a problem coming.

Know What’s Next Magazine 2014: (retail $9.95)

In today’s world of technology–driven change, it has never been more important to Know What’s Next! Technology is transforming how we sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate and educate. In this important annual publication, Daniel Burrus leading technology forecaster, strategist, and NYT & WSJ best selling author of Flash Foresight, shares what lies ahead as well as business and personal strategies that you can use to keep ahead of the competition.

One-Year Electronic Subscription to Technotrends® Newsletter (value $29.95)

(retail $29.95)
The Technotrends® Newsletter is a “must read” for everyone who believes in planning for the future and coming out a winner. Each issue of the newsletter includes a feature column written by Daniel Burrus that offers readers innovative strategies for the creative application of new and emerging technologies.