If you look at the types of apps currently available in the app stores, you can see that most of the companies developing apps are focused more on the present than the future as they design their apps. The majority are creating simplistic and basic apps that don’t take into account a broader set of present and future needs and that certainly aren’t designed as enterprise level apps. In fact, if you look for business apps in iTunes, the largest app store, you’ll find numerous apps on such things as document scanning, creating to-do lists, and document sharing. Such apps are so common that some could argue they’re commodities. Standing out in the business world require you to be more than a commodity – you need to be a unique solutions provider. Tomorrow’s apps will do precisely that.

Realize that apps represent a major tectonic revolution in hardware and software. We went from servers, mainframes, and terminals to having our own desktops and PCs to having our own laptops.

By making Smart Phones a PC with user-selected apps, people can now have a powerful multimedia computer with them at all times. As result, people from all walks of life and every industry have the ability to do some amazing things they couldn’t do before. That’s a giant shift in thinking about phones and apps…and one your company needs to be a part of.