Transforming Business

I was recently featured on In the article I talk about the leading technology trends that will transform your business.

technology trendsBy Daniel Kosir
With breakthroughs happening so quickly and frequently, keeping pace can be difficult. How can businesses adapt and stay ahead?

Daniel Burrus, CEO of Burrus Research, world-leading technology forecaster and business strategist, and author of the book “Flash Foresight” sat down with CanadaOne to shed some light on technology-driven transformation, branding, and business trends.

Where are we headed?

As one of the leading technology forecasters, Burrus had a few things to say about what he sees as important trends in business.

He mentioned three emerging trends that businesses can’t afford to ignore:

  1. Going Mobile
    Mainframes, desktops, and laptops haven’t disappeared, but smartphones and tablets are fast becoming our primary computers. Our websites need to be maximized for mobile.
  2. The Apps Revolution
    There are an endless number of apps that we can create quickly and inexpensively, such as sales apps, logistics apps, purchasing apps, and supply chain management apps. These apps give us new capabilities to reach employees, business partners and consumers.
  3. Cloud Computing and Virtualization
    We are virtualizing our desktops, our servers, and our storage –which means data is stored on remote servers and accessed in a wired or wireless way. The cloud can be a multimedia data centre which is certain to grow and have more in it next year than this year.

Burrus suggests staying on top of these three hard trends because they allow the ability to innovate faster, be more agile and get to market at lower cost, and extend your brand in new and powerful ways.

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