Focus on what will shape the future of your organization and industry.

Three Technology TrendsTechnology is evolving—fast. For that reason, it’s imperative for your credit union to focus not just on changes that are happening today, but also on the technological trends that will shape the future of your organization and your industry.

Why? The more anticipatory you can be with technology, the more creatively you can use it to gain competitive advantage.

As someone who has been accurately predicting the future of technology for more than 25 years, I urge all leaders to focus on these three emerging trends that are reshaping the business landscape as we know it.

1. Just-in-time training

Thanks to cloud-based technology, we’re on the brink of a revolution in just-in-time training. This will enable people to use their laptops, cell phones, and tablet computers to receive training precisely when they need it.

At most organizations, people receive training for a variety of things before they actually need the expertise, taking them away from their jobs and costing the company a lot of money. With just-in-time training, companies can keep people in the field until there’s a need for specific training.

Then, when people need a certain skill set to complete a job or do a task, they can receive the pertinent training in real time via cloud-based technology. This can be used to train staff on new software, train salespeople on product upgrades, instruct employees on new policies and procedures, and so on.

It’s different and better than standard tutorials because staff can access the training via any device anywhere and at any time with the option for live help. The applications for cloud-based, just-in-time services are virtually limitless.

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