Accelerating growth requires a new way of thinking about overcoming obstacles and acting on new opportunities. All too often, change comes from the outside in, forcing us to react by slipping into a crisis management mode, and putting out fires. This presentation is about opportunity management, identifying the driving forces of predictable change, driving growth strategies from the inside out, and taking control of our future.


This eye-opening and motivating presentation will teach attendees how to be prepared to capitalize on the next wave of technological change and:

  • How to overcome obstacles and act on new opportunities
  • Avoid change being driven by a crisis management mode and “putting out fires”
  • Develop the ability to identify the driving forces of predictable change
  • Drive growth strategies from the inside out


Your presentation was captivating. We all left the presentation with different mindsets on how to think beyond the normal and look towards the future, an approach that will continue to drive ACUITY forward.” – Ben Salzmann, President and CEO, ACUITY

Your presentation was outstanding!  Feedback thus far has been great.  The ability to personalize it to our audience, and bring out what is relevant was fantastic. Will look for opportunities where we can work together in the future.” – Steve Miller, MD, SVP & CMO, ExpressScripts


Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts. He is globally recognized for his exceptional 30+ year record of accurately predicting how technological, social, and business forces converge to create untapped opportunities.

Daniel has over three decades of being right about where things are going, which is evidenced by his long and diverse list of repeat clients. Daniel has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, and Heads of State delivering power insights and actionable strategies.