Agility and adaptability are no longer enough! Accurately anticipating customers’ changing needs and technological change provides the biggest advantage. In times of unprecedented change and uncertainty, we need to ask ourselves what are we certain about? Strategies based on uncertainty equal high levels of risk. Strategies based on certainty dramatically reduce risk and produce superior results.

Strategic foresight is based on the new Science of Certainty that will take your vision to a new actionable level by identifying the events that will happen in the future. Mastering these capabilities will position your organization to be the disruptor instead of being the disrupted.


  • Accurately anticipating customers’ changing needs, as well as technological changes
  • Strategies based on certainty dramatically reduce risk and produce superior results
  • Learn how to use the new tools and rules of leadership to accelerate profitable growth


I have gotten nothing but rave reviews on how much people got out of your presentation.  I, personally, could spend days with you…love how you make me think about things and see things differently.” –Carol Augusto, Executive Producer, Neill Corporation

Please share my appreciation to Daniel for a great keynote address, which helped to make this year’s Planning Conference the highest rated one that I’ve hosted during the ten years at Partners Federal Credit Union.” –John Janclaes, President and CEO, Partners Federal Credit Union


Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts. He is globally recognized for his exceptional 30+ year record of accurately predicting how technological, social, and business forces converge to create untapped opportunities.

Daniel has over three decades of being right about where things are going, which is evidenced by his long and diverse list of repeat clients. Daniel has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, and Heads of State delivering power insights and actionable strategies.