There are new tools and strategies that can transform the customer experience, grow brand loyalty in amazing new ways, increase consumer engagement, and accelerate the results of omnichannel marketing.

What do Apple, Warby Parker, Amazon, and a host of other e-commerce brands that are opening retail brick-and-mortar stores know that most retailers don’t know? The good old days of retail are ahead of us.

By learning to separate the Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen, you can accurately anticipate technology-driven disruptions before they disrupt, problems before they happen so that you can pre-solve them, customers’ needs before they express them, and game-changing opportunities before the competition. Mastering these capabilities will position you and your organization to turn disruption and change into an advantage.


In this riveting and innovative presentation, Daniel Burrus covers the ever-evolving retail landscape. This space is greatly affected by the emergence of new trends; the problem is knowing how to identify which to act on. Daniel’s insights shine light upon the significance of redefining the consumer experience, and the technologies emerging that will foster interactivity across virtual and physical store-fronts. Valuable takeaways from this presentation include…

  • How to identify Hard Trends encroaching on retailers
  • Finding marketing channels embedded in e-commerce
  • Transforming brand communication practices
  • How to accurately anticipate customer needs before they express them


After a couple of years of ‘average’ Opening Keynotes, we decided to hire Daniel to start our 2016 event off with the right tone, and he did not disappoint. Daniel was on-point, and it was clear he had done the research into our industry and had come well-prepared to our event. I look forward to having Daniel back to our event in the near future.” – Devon Wylie, CEO, CRMC

You were fabulous! You received rave reviews from our participants for the relevancy, insight and expertise of your presentation material and style. You are the only keynote speaker we have invited back numerous times. I am convinced the extraordinary success of your continued contribution is due in no small part to the enormous amount of time you put into each presentation by customizing it to fit the unique and challenging needs of our CMO audience each year.” – Stephanie Fischer, CEO, Global Retail Marketing Association


Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts. He is globally recognized for his exceptional 30+ year record of accurately predicting how technological, social, and business forces converge to create untapped opportunities.

Daniel has over three decades of being right about where things are going, which is evidenced by his long and diverse list of repeat clients. Daniel has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, and Heads of State delivering power insights and actionable strategies.