At Burrus Research, Inc., our mission is to help leaders create anticipatory and highly innovative organizations by using predictable Hard Trends and game-changing technology to build a better tomorrow.

Our Founder, President, and CEO, Daniel Burrus leads the company with a philosophy of helping clients understand and profit from the driving forces of technology-driven change, enabling them to gain new competitive advantage as they create new products, markets, services and careers.

His approach demystifies technological change, brings a new level of certainty to an uncertain world, and helps individuals and organizations discover profitable new uses for new technological tools, creating a shift from a tactical mindset to an anticipatory, strategic methodology.

Daniel Burrus and Burrus Research, Inc. are committed to helping students receive a higher education in order to better serve business and our communities in the future.

Who Can Apply:

The Daniel Burrus Scholarship Fund will support three (3) students either entering college or already attending a university, granting each $1,000 to be used towards books and tuition.

Recipients of the Daniel Burrus Scholarship Fund will be chosen based on a 1 to 2 page essay stating the importance of turning technological change into competitive advantage and why it is important to have an Anticipatory Mindset using the idea of Daniel Burrus’ Anticipatory Organization Model.

The scholarship will be awarded with the essay and following criterion in mind:

  • A high school student attending a college or university in the following semester
  • A full time college or university student in good academic standing (documentation needed)
  • Shows a desire to continue their education in order to more effectively impact their community

How to Apply:

To apply please email your 1-2 page essay on “the importance of disruption to sustainable businesses and why it is important to have an anticipatory mindset” to

The essays must be 500 words in length at a minimum. Each essay must also include a brief student bio. Essays must be submitted by May 15th of each calendar year and winners will be announced by June 15th of each year.

Promotion of Scholarship Winners:

Winners of the Daniel Burrus Scholarship will be announced on Daniel Burrus’ social media platforms and mentioned in a featured blog post which is syndicated to over a million monthly readers on, LinkedIn Pulse and Wired Magazine to name a few.