The COVID-19 pandemic has suppressed our positive, innovative mentality, sending us into a primordial tailspin of trying to survive and quickly restore the status quo. The pandemic will end, but is it possible to make the new post-pandemic normal better than what we had before? If we get past the fear of “what’s next” and become anticipatory, using new tools and the power of certainty to create a better tomorrow for all, it can be.

While the level of uncertainty unfolding every day is staggering, and we can’t seem to react fast enough, it has never been more important to become anticipatory by identifying Hard Trends and disruptions before they disrupt and pre-solve predictable problems before they spread.

Unfortunately, uncertainty does not provide the confidence to make bold moves. Instead, trying to hunker down and protect the status quo becomes a daily task in which many leaders say “no” as much as possible, turning inward to manage the crisis in an effort to play it safe, hoping they can react fast enough to combat what might happen to them.

There has never been more uncertainty than there is today, and it has never been more imperative to get ahead of problems and see new opportunities by becoming an Anticipatory Leader.

In this interactive strategic presentation, one of the world’s leading global futurists and innovation experts, Daniel Burrus, will provide actionable strategies for seeing invisible opportunities and solving seemingly impossible problems during this unprecedented time.

Bring your questions, as you will have the opportunity to ask Daniel Burrus LIVE for his advice and recommendations on how you can elevate your organization from success to significance and use the science of certainty to make the bold moves that will enable you to become indispensable to your clients.

When the pandemic is over, and it will be, what will you and your organization be remembered for?

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