The Anticipatory Organization® Learning System

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Make the Anticipatory Organization® Learning System Your Competitive Advantage

Hear first-hand results from two CEOs who implemented and continue to use the AO Learning System for their firms. There is a major impact when a company takes their leadership team through the Anticipatory Organization Learning System.

The AO™ Learning System

What is the Anticipatory Organization Learning System?

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The Anticipatory Organization® Learning System is a results-driven process for executives and their teams to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes.. Developing the competency of Anticipation is a powerful enhancement for organizations who have adopted other process improvement methods like Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and others. The program focuses on four key areas of development:

Trend Analysis

Understanding directional changes in your industry will enable you to better identify market certainties. Are you faced with cyclical change (such as seasonal,  economic or sales cycles)? Or linear & exponential change (such as the shift to mobility, virtualization, and advanced cloud services)? Knowing the difference can give you a powerful window to the future.

As you learn to separate the HARD TRENDS that will happen from the SOFT TRENDS that might happen, you will learn to foresee and profit from change and disruption.

Customer Needs

Suppose instead of trying to meet your customers’ expectations, you could predict their future needs.

To create the best products and provide the best services, a company must correctly gauge what trends, environments, and situations will address their customers’ current and future unmet needs.

Discover how to rise above the competition by using Hard Trends to predict what your customers will need before they ask for it—and provide them with a solution at just the right time.

Sales Obstacles

Tie your solution into the HARD TRENDS that will shape your customers’ future. Certainty brings a high level of confidence. Use that confidence as a powerful closing tool. Hurdle over sales obstacles by foreseeing and solving problems before your customers can identify them.

New Opportunities

The most exciting part of active anticipation is being able to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities. Learn how to jump ahead with much lower risk to gain  and maintain a healthy advantage over your competitors.

What Clients Are Saying

What clients are saying about The Anticipatory Organization® Learning System

CEO Testimonial: The Biggest Benefit of The Anticipatory Organization® Learning System

Short Engaging Videos

Through a series of short, engaging videos followed by rapid application activities, participants within your organization will learn to:

  • Anticipate disruptions, problems, customer needs and game-changing opportunities
  • Separate Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen
  • Use Hard and Soft Trends to identify game-changing opportunities
  • Identify problems before they happen and pre-solve them
  • Drive Everyday & Transformational Innovation using the Eight Hard Trend Pathways to Innovation
  • Create a compelling, aligned, and shared FUTUREVIEW® plan based on the forces that will shape the future to accelerate success
  • Jump ahead with low risk and the confidence that certainty offers to actively shape your future

Collaborative Learning Facilitation and
Coaching Services

We help our Anticipatory Organization Learning System clients apply and implement the specific AO principles, behaviors, guidelines and tools for creativity, and the proven methodology created and continually refined by Burrus Research. Collectively AO implementation enhances our clients as market differentiators, and thus their overall success in the market.

Facilitation Services

Developed for AO Learning System clients who would like the experience of a “hands-on” collaborative facilitation for each of the four modules within the AO Learning System.

Maximize the successful implementation of the AO Learning System with facilitation of individual sharing of learning (in a team setting) to create a common language and results-based transformation.

The result of this team learning is the creation of an organization-wide sustaining habit of “Anticipatory Thinking and Acting.”

Coaching Services

Designed to accelerate self-sustaining Anticipatory behaviors where participants develop a common language, and over time become unconsciously skilled at applying AO principles in multiple contexts to Elevate Planning, Accelerate Innovation, and Transform Results.

We provide custom client-defined coaching that focuses on creating a self-sustaining post-learning culture and habit of Anticipatory Organization® Model behaviors in multiple contexts and complex situations.

Robert Hiebeler

Robert has a passion for innovation and transformational change that has been developed and refined over a 50+ year business career. He began working with Daniel Burrus over 25 years ago, and shares his passion for helping companies develop Anticipatory Competencies so critical to success.

Bob has a long history in executive roles in leading world-wide innovations in Global Best Practices.