Shift From Playing Agile Defense to Anticipatory Offense

The Anticipatory Organization® Learning System is a results-driven transformation accelerator for leadership teams to elevate relevancy and accelerate innovation and growth.

Elevate Planning
Accelerate Innovation
Transform Results

Meet Your New Competitive Advantage

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Imagine Your Entire Organization Anticipating More & Reacting Less

For over 40 years, Daniel Burrus has been a strategic advisor to the highest levels of both business and government leaders worldwide, helping them to identify disruptions before they disrupt, problems before they happen, and game-changing opportunities.

He changes how his clients think about the future, planning, innovation, disruption, and, most importantly, what is possible.

Daniel’s AO Learning System teaches you his entire anticipatory methodology for accurately predicting & seizing growth opportunities.

“The most significant return on investment training that we’ve ever done within our firm.”

Steve Hake, President & CEO, Stambaugh Ness

A Results-Based Transformation Accelerator

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“Doubled our revenue” - ConnectWise®


“By applying Daniel Burrus’ principles to our business, in less than a year we have been able to double our revenue and increase the value of our company by a factor of four. We feel the biggest impact is yet to come.”

Arni Bellini, CEO, ConnectWise®

The Anticipatory Organization® Model

When you use this transformation accelerator model, you’ll understand how to:

Know What’s Next

Transform Planning: HARD TRENDS will happen; they are future facts – they provide Certainty. SOFT TRENDS might happen – they can be influenced. The Three Digital Accelerators provide accurate timeframes. Transformation becomes your advantage.

Develop Opportunities

Transform Innovation: Every HARD TREND provides a new opportunity. Learn to use the Eight Hard Trend Pathways to Innovation and anticipate disruptions, problems, and customer needs, to identify game-changing opportunities.

Shape the Future

Transform Culture: Apply a shared language, strategies, and tools to make rapid change an advantage. Use certainty to sell your ideas, transform how you Communicate & Collaborate, and become a Positive Disruptor.

Accelerate Success

Transform Results: When your entire team shares the Anticipatory Organization Mindset that’s based around the certainty of HARD TRENDS, it will drive your organization’s strategic velocity and accelerate success.

"Better at identifying opportunities" - US Air Force

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“The Anticipatory Organization Learning System provides a solid framework for how current and future leaders can learn to be better at identifying opportunities and shape decisions in a dynamic environment.”

William Bender, Lt General, US Air Force
Key Elements

This Is Not A Passive Online Learning Experience. It’s an Interactive Award-Winning Transformation Accelerator

Very seldom does a learning system spark innovative thinking & real paradigm shifts throughout an organization. That’s why we pair cutting-edge, engaging single-concept videos & rapid application tools with the following 3 key elements:

1. Live Access to Daniel Burrus

Join Daniel & featured best-in-class Subject Matter Experts for monthly “Opportunity Hour: Conversations with The Masters,” which are member-only gatherings with actionable anticipatory insights and strategies which can be immediately implemented. Includes LIVE Q&A and access to Daniel Burrus each month!

2. Expert Facilitation

Our facilitators possess a strong passion for innovation and transformational change. Certified by Daniel Burrus and having worked closely with him, they specialize in helping companies develop the Anticipatory Competencies essential for success.


3. AO Coaching Services

We provide custom client-defined coaching that focuses on creating a self-sustaining post-learning culture and habit of Anticipatory Organization® Model behaviors in multiple contexts and complex situations. This optional service is available upon completion of the AO Learning System.

Case Study

Hear from a Manufacturer of the Year award-winning CEO on how Daniel Burrus’ principles, concepts, and methodologies were implemented in his organization.

“The AO Learning System has had a very deep and positive impact on the critical thinking of our global leadership team.”

CEO, Manufacturer of the Year, Testimonial


What are your pricing models?

New! We have a group pricing model based on the number of learners in a group, and an enterprise-wide license which provides access to an entire business, association or corporation.

How long does the program take to complete?

Time to complete varies depending on needs ranging from one to four months. We work with you to create a training plan to fit your needs.

How much access will we have to Daniel?

Daniel Burrus follows and reviews all implementations and is willing to step in when needed. In addition, each month he hosts an Opportunity Hour with an open Q&A which provides time for attendees to ask questions.

What exactly will our organization learn in this system?

Participants will learn to:

  • Accelerate internal and external transformation efforts using our Anticipatory Organization® Model.
  • Anticipate disruptions, problems, customer needs and game-changing opportunities
  • Separate Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen
  • Use Hard Trends and Soft Trends to identify game-changing opportunities
  • Identify problems before they happen and pre-solve them
  • Drive Everyday & Transformational Innovation using the Eight Hard Trend Pathways to Innovation
  • Create a compelling, aligned, and shared FUTUREVIEW® plan based on the forces that will shape the future to accelerate success
  • Jump ahead with low risk and the confidence that certainty offers to actively shape your future

What does facilitation look like?

Robert Hiebler, who is a former Chief Learning Officer of a major corporation, has been personally trained by Daniel Burrus on implementing the AO Model in enterprise, will guide your organization through four key areas of development:

  1. Trend Analysis
    Understanding the Hard Trends that are shaping the future of your industry will enable you to better identify market certainties. Are you faced with cyclical change (such as seasonal, economic or sales cycles)? Or linear & exponential change (such as the shift to mobility, virtualization, and advanced cloud services)? Knowing the difference and taking advantage of each type of change can give you a powerful window to the future.As you learn to separate the HARD TRENDS that will happen from the SOFT TRENDS that might happen, you will learn to foresee and profit from change and disruption.
  2. Customer Needs
    Redefining the customer experience by anticipating customer future needs.To create the best products and provide the best services, a company must correctly gauge what trends, environments, and situations will address their customers’ current and future unmet needs.Discover how to rise above the competition by using Hard Trends to predict what your customers will need before they ask for it—and provide them with a solution at just the right time.
  3. Sales Obstacles
    Tie your solution into the HARD TRENDS that will shape your customers’ future. Certainty brings a high level of confidence. Use that confidence as a powerful closing tool. Hurdle over sales obstacles by foreseeing and solving problems before your customers can identify them.
  4. New Opportunities
    The most exciting part of active anticipation is being able to identify and capitalize on new game-changing business opportunities. Learn how to jump ahead with much lower risk to gain and maintain a healthy advantage over your competitors.

How is this different from Agile/Lean/Six Sigma training?

Developing the competency of Anticipation is a powerful enhancement for organizations who have adopted other process improvement methods like Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and others. Agility is reacting as quickly as possible to a problem or disruption. Anticipation is foreseeing disruptions before they disrupt which turns disruption into a choice and an opportunity.

Do you offer this system for individual leaders?

Yes! Click here to learn about our Anticipatory Leadership membership.



“When you can find certainty in uncertain times, you can generate exponential growth.

Joey Havens, Managing Partner, Horne

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