Hologram Keynote

A Global Offering with Futurist Daniel Burrus

Beam in Futurist Daniel Burrus

Have Daniel Burrus, one of the World’s Leading Futurist Speakers on Global Trends and Disruptive Innovation, deliver his keynote speech by “beaming in” as a full-size hologram. Bring this amazing & impressive experience to your audience and demonstrate the power of technology and digital transformation.

Daniel Burrus’ Hologram Keynote offering is engaging, thought-provoking, innovative and a dynamic way to “wow” your audience & deliver the foresights and insights that only Daniel can deliver.

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A Life-Size Hologram is an impressive way to deliver a keynote presentation when physical travel is impossible due to high global demand.


Daniel’s Holograms are interactive, customized to your industry, and mind-blowing.

As a master in customizing presentations, Burrus highlights game-changing trends with a direct impact on your audience, offering powerful strategies for leveraging rapid change and disruption as a competitive advantage, ensuring your event not only meets but exceeds expectations. Want to create an UNFORGETTABLE event experience? Try a hologram keynote with Daniel Burrus at your next event.

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Daniel in front of a green screen and as a hologram on stage at live event
Daniel’s green screen broadcast from ARHT Media Studio was recently hologrammed live in Toronto.
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Hologram Keynote Presentations Explained

Daniel Burrus will amaze your audience with this futuristic and innovative experience.



Daniel in front of a green screen and as a hologram on stage at live event
Through careful preparation, Daniel Burrus ensures each of his holographic keynotes is customized for its audience, capturing critical nuances to engage and enlighten. His commitment to tailored content guarantees that each presentation leaves a lasting impact


Daniel in front of a green screen and as a hologram on stage at live event
With cutting-edge holographic technology, Daniel Burrus’ insights can be transmitted globally, offering a seamless viewing experience. His keynotes, livestream or pre-record, reach audiences everywhere in the world with complete clarity.


Daniel in front of a green screen and as a hologram on stage at live event
Meticulously crafted and powered by ARHT Media, Daniel is displayed on stage. This state-of-the-art presentation technology ensures a truly immersive event, captivating viewers with its realism and allowing them to feel as if Daniel is right there with them.

Leaders in Holographic Telepresence & 3D ProjectionPowered by the Leaders in Holographic Telepresence and 3D Projection.

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Choose Between LIVE or PRE-RECORDED

Depending on your meeting location, Hologram costs can be lower than live presentations. With tech teams and equipment available globally, travel costs remain reasonable. A single technician will handle all equipment transport and setup.



Live Hologram

Daniel will present his keynote live from one of several special studio locations where he will be able to see and interact with the audience in real time no matter where the live event is located. He will be able to see and hear the audience, their reactions and questions, at all times. It is a true interactive experience.

Note: Special equipment will be used at the studio where Daniel is located to transmit the hologram. Projection equipment and a technician will be on location.

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Pre-Recorded Hologram

Daniel’s pre-recorded Hologram keynotes offer a seamless and polished experience, perfectly tailored for your meeting or conference. Recorded in a special studio to capture the essence of his live interactions, this option ensures your audience enjoys Daniel’s insights with the highest quality visuals and sound.

Note: Because this option involves using a pre-recorded Hologram, your costs will be lower. Special projection equipment and a technician will be on location.

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What Meeting Planners Are Saying:

It came as no surprise that you were rated the top speaker in our audience evaluations. Your unique blend of wit and insight awakened all of us to the need to develop the knowledge network necessary to move to a 21st century mind set.

Robert Howe, IBM Corporation

This is the third time you’ve addressed this conference and each presentation has been better than the last… and I wouldn’t hesitate inviting you back to a future conference!

John E. Burkey, First Data Resources

We hired Daniel as the keynote speaker for both our Business Innovation Technology Summit as well as our annual company meeting. I was thoroughly impressed with not only his actual keynote speeches, but even more so with his preparation process beforehand. We had a great conversation via phone a couple weeks beforehand where I realized how much he genuinely cared about catering his speech specifically to our audience, as well as aligning it with the message we wanted to send as a company. He is engaging, incredibly well spoken, and great to work with.

Kristina Schaeffer, Marketing & Event Coordinator, JMark

Daniel studied the details about our audience in advance and listened carefully to our objectives for his keynote speech. He seamlessly incorporated every key point we discussed. As a result, the audience hung on every word, relating directly with each insight and recommendation. It’s no wonder he received a standing ovation. People are still buzzing.

Cinda Daly, Help Desk International

Daniel Burrus did a truly outstanding job as the opening keynoter for our CIO 100 2017 Symposium conference. He impressed our audience of 350+ Chief Information Officers and senior IT executives with his innovative ideas, business acumen and – most importantly — his thorough understanding of the challenges they face as enterprise technology leaders. 

Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief and Conference Moderator for IDG’s CIO events

Daniel is a powerful business strategist bringing significant value to those he works with.”

Alan, Whitman, Chairman and CEO, Baker Tilly


Experience the future of presentations! Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Futurist Daniel Burrus in a groundbreaking hologram keynote.

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