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Mission Statement

A top technology consulting firm since 1983, Burrus Research has been helping leaders create anticipatory and highly innovative organizations by using predictable Hard Trends and game-changing technology to build a better tomorrow.


Founder, President, and CEO, Daniel Burrus leads the company with a philosophy of helping clients understand and profit from the driving forces of technology-driven change, enabling them to gain new competitive advantage as they create new products, markets, services and careers.

His approach demystifies technological change, brings a new level of certainty to an uncertain world, and helps individuals and organizations discover profitable new uses for new technological tools, creating a shift from a tactical mindset to an anticipatory, strategic methodology.

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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Since 1983, Burrus Research has helped hundreds of clients, including many from the Fortune 500, develop successful competitive strategies based on the creative application of leading-edge technologies. We research:

  • Global innovations in all areas of science and technology
  • Cyclical, Linear and Exponential Changes
  • Hard Trends and Soft Trends
  • Disruptive technology and the industries they will disrupt
  • New product and service opportunities that are enabled by technology advances
  • Technology-driven trends that change consumer behavior
  • Strategies for capitalizing on rapid technological and social change

We then assist our clients in identifying how the convergence of these factors can and will create enormous opportunities for growth in their industries.

At Burrus Research, we go beyond trend analysis. We will share our powerful methodology for not only knowing what to look for, but how and where to look – a place we call the Visible Future™.

View our Strategic Advisory Case Study Samples and discover the major results we have assisted companies in achieving.


Burrus Research offers a full range of services including:

Burrus Research is actively shaping the future of business by working with leaders of industry in all sectors including Government,  Education, Medicine, Technology, and Non Profit Associations.