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For over 30 years, Daniel Burrus has been a strategic advisor to the highest levels of both business and government leaders worldwide, helping them to identify disruptions before they disrupt, problems before they happen, and game-changing opportunities.

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Disruptive Innovation Planning

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Profit from Disruption and Exponential Change

How does a convenience store executive facing a dramatic drop in walk-in customers during the pandemic, grow revenue? By becoming a necessity store expanding their offering of hot food and medical supplies and partnering with Lyft and Uber drivers to deliver those items to customer homes. The Answer is Anticipation, which is the ability to identify new actionable opportunities by foreseeing growing problems, disruptions, and customer needs.

Whether you’re wanting to grow during supply shortages, elevate your team’s performance while working in-office or remote, or looking for the latest game-changing opportunities, Daniel Burrus has a customizable consulting package to meet the needs of your organization.

“Doubled our revenue”

“By applying Daniel Burrus’ principles to our business, in less than a year we have been able to double our revenue and increase the value of our company by a factor of four. We feel the biggest impact is yet to come.”

Arni Bellini, CEO, ConnectWise®

Unlocking the Power of AI:
A Strategic Approach to Harnessing AI in Your Business

Unlock the Power of AI and take your business to the next level with this strategy session.

Assess your current processes and identify areas where AI can have the most impact, whether it’s improving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, or enabling better decision-making. Discover and predict the potential risks and challenges of implementing AI and develop strategies for mitigating these risks.

We consider your organization’s unique needs, goals, and resources. We provide guidance on selecting the right AI tools, managing data effectively, and integrating AI with existing products and services.

Our interactive approach ensures that your team is fully engaged in the planning process and that everyone’s perspectives are considered. By the end of this session, you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and potential hurdles of integrating AI into your business operations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level.


Disruptive Innovation Planning

Today, you will either be the disruptor or the disrupted. Now is the time to become a positive disruptor, creating the transformations that need to happen to elevate relevancy and accelerate innovation and growth.

Daniel Burrus will identify the Hard Trends based on future facts that will happen which will impact your business the most, and the related game-changing opportunities you can act on now to accelerate profitable innovation. In addition, you will learn to elevate your organization beyond success to significance, solve seemingly impossible problems, and transform results.

During times of disruptive change, reacting as fast as you can, no matter how agile you are, is not good enough.It’s time to become anticipatory!



Using his Hard Trend Methodology, Daniel Burrus’ primary goals are to identify major opportunities that can either dramatically reduce costs or generate new income streams, in the shortest possible time.

For over 30 years, Daniel Burrus has been a strategic advisor to the highest levels of both business and government leaders worldwide, helping them to identify disruptions before they disrupt, problems before they happen, and game changing opportunities before the competition.

We also offer:
Strategic Group Coaching

A 45-60 minute conversation where
attendees can “pick the brain” of one of the world’s leading global futurists and disruptive innovation experts about accelerating innovation and growth.

Meet Daniel on a Zoom call to talk face-to-face.


Executive Strategy Sessions

Daniel Burrus has developed a methodology that he has perfected and used with executives from leading companies worldwide over the past 30 years, allowing clients to identify disruptions before they disrupt, pre-solve problems before they happen, and see game-changing opportunities they would have missed without this powerful tool.

These sessions are highly customized based on client needs and are designed with busy executives in mind and can be delivered to you and your leadership team in a half-day or full-day format depending on your goals.


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Daniel Burrus is a master at tailoring his workshops and private consulting sessions to the specific needs of your organization.

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Strategic Consulting with Daniel Burrus Will Help Your Organization Profit During Periods of Disruptive Change

Elevate Planning

Planning becomes highly focused, strategic and actionable when you identify the Hard Trends and Soft Trends.

Accelerate Innovation

Move beyond agility. Become a positive disruptor by creating the disruptions that need to happen.

Elevate Culture

Elevate culture to increasing relevance based on the Hard Trends certainties & related opportunities that are shaping the future.

Transform Results

Accurately anticipate future disruptions and game-changing opportunities with proven strategies and methodologies.

Case Studies

Strategic Consulting Case Studies

Objective: The objective of the day was to create a new relationship with Kellogg’s and Yahoo! that would yield an overwhelming competitive advantage for Kellogg’s by:

  • learning and understanding how to apply Burrus’ Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing;
  • developing strategies to enable new and deeper relationships with our core audiences; and
  • discover new platforms for brand/business building ideas.

Results: Kellogg’s won a Cannes International Ad Award with an idea that came directly from the game.

The impact of the day over-delivered against the objectives. A new language and mindset has emerged that all organizations involved (Leo Burnett, Kellogg, Starcom and Yahoo!) are better able to leverage. Dan Burrus did a masterful job at preparing and leading the organizations (Yahoo!, Leo Burnett, and Kellogg’s). In one day we have jumped forward 3 years.

John Sheehy, EVP, Leo Burnett
United States Air Force Logo

Objective: To forge a new culture within the Air Force to adapt innovative behavior to solve complex problems, ensure this organization brings operational value to the Air Force and do it at the speed of need within a byzantine corporate process.

  • To have Air Force leaders walk away excited and knowing how to lean forward with an anticipatory mindset
  • Inspire leaders to seek those opportunities that are game changers within the Air Force, and be ready to champion these opportunities

Results: Lt General William Bender CIO of the Air Force brought Daniel Burrus in for three half-day strategy sessions with top leaders resulting in an improved way to plan and drive innovation. After several additional strategy sessions with the CIO and head of cybersecurity for the DoD, and implementation of the Anticipatory Organization Learning System, the DoD created a new Future’s Group using the Hard Trend Methodology.

The opportunity to meet with you was critical as we search for new and innovative ways to meet our mission requirements. Your insights into the use of global hard trends to anticipate future disruptions, problems, and opportunities as well as the Anticipatory Organization Learning System provides a solid framework for how current and future leaders can learn to be better at identifying opportunities and shape decisions in a dynamic environment.

William Bender, Lt General, USAF-CIO

Objectives: Help Set HORNE’S strategic future direction.

  • Actionable insights for disruptive knowledge for each focus area with action plan to deploy
  • Define new growth areas
  • Insights for core competencies to compete as the firm of the future
  • Insights on how technology will change our services and action plan to seize opportunities

Results: HORNE retained Daniel Burrus for a full-day strategy session. Following that session, The Anticipatory Organization Learning System was implemented for their top leaders. Since the initial rollout, HORNE has been implementing the learning system into all of their focus areas which include: construction, financial institutions, franchise, government services, healthcare, private wealth and public & middle market.

The Anticipatory Organization Learning System helps establish a mindset, a common language and eventually a culture of being anticipatory for our clients. By making this anticipatory skillset a core strength of our teams, it brings creative and new ideas that make us more valuable to our clients and it creates a game changer for our firm.

Joey Havens, Executive Partner

Objective: Understand the new world of digital marketing and define a new marketing strategy that will provide competitive advantage.

Results: Made a 1.3 billion dollar acquisition based on an idea from the game that provided a major sales increase. Implemented new digital marketing strategy with partner Yahoo! That resulted in increased sales and profits in the first year.

The Marketing Advantage day put us on a path of transformational change. Overnight, we have a clear line of sight to win in many more categories. The opportunities for us have tripled!

Jim Trebilcock, SVP, Cadbury Schweppes


  • A better understanding of the industry’s Hard Trends and Soft Trends
  • Improve Strategic Planning to sustain and improve upon our industry- leading position, and where we are not leaders, to develop game-changing strategies and initiatives.

Results: Greenheck retained Daniel Burrus as a speaker for their National Sales Meeting. They brought him back again for a half-day strategy session with all global leaders. Following that session, The Anticipatory Organization Learning System (AO) was implemented for their top 200 leaders.

The strategy day with Burrus and AO Learning System has allowed us to efficiently and cost effectively train our top leaders and as a result, we have significantly elevated our company’s strategic plans. We have also accelerated our investments in specific technologies and new products, which has given us a significant new competitive advantage.

Jim McIntyre, President and CEO

Objective: Expose and teach Daniel Burrus’ concepts to all SSAI leaders; Conduct hands- on sessions applying anticipatory techniques to challenges/innovations relevant to SSAI and its customers.

  • Get all SSAI leaders and then employees exposed to and energized by the notion of being an Anticipatory Organization
  • Get hands-on exposure to and begin leveraging Burrus’ Hard Trend Methodologies to fuel company growth.
  • Need to shift away from being a reactive organization that waits for the customer to tell us what to do.

Results: SSAI retained Daniel Burrus for a full-day strategy session with their C-Suite leaders and direct reports. Following that session, The Anticipatory Organization Learning System was implemented for their top leaders nationwide.

The Anticipatory Organization learning system provided a solid framework for transforming an organization from being reactive to anticipatory. Learning how to anticipate disruptions and new opportunities is extremely important to us now and in the years ahead.

Anoop Mehta, President
Variety of Options

In our fast pace business environment, we are committed to providing a variety of options to work with Daniel that suit your business needs.

Strategic Advisory Services

Team Chats

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

Virtual Strategy Sessions


Daniel Burrus was exceptional, and we are thankful for the opportunity to have him join our meeting. Thank you for everything you have done in making our Annual Partner Meeting a huge success.”

Lejla Dickson, Managing Director, CohnReznick LLP
About Daniel Burrus

About Daniel Burrus

Mr. Burrus has led the way in helping clients to see the future first based on his proprietary methodology of separating Hard Trends, trends that will happen, from Soft Trends, trends that might happen, that has generated a 40 year track record of accurate predictions, best selling books, and proven results.

Burrus ignites breakthrough innovations based on his Hard Trend methodology combined with the creative application of leading-edge technology. As a strategic advisor, his primary goals are to identify major opportunities that can either dramatically reduce costs or generate new income streams, in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to Burrus’ proven methodologies, he is a master at helping clients identify solutions to complex problems, and see invisible opportunities. Clients who have benefitted from our strategic advisory services include Microsoft, GE, American Express, Google, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, Honda, ExxonMobil, IBM, and more.

Unleash the power of strategic foresight for your organization. Engage with Daniel Burrus, the leading futurist consultant, and turn disruptive trends into game-changing opportunities.

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