Strategic Workshops for Executives

The ANTICIPATORY LEADER™ Executive Workshop

Keeping up is a fool’s game. There’s no advantage in keeping up. It produces a limited pay off, and your competitors are already focused on the similar goals. The key to thriving in a climate of daily digital disruption, is to jump ahead with lower risk using the proven process of separating Hard Trends, trends that will happen, from Soft Trends, trends that might happen.

The Anticipatory Leader™ Workshop reveals Daniel Burrus’ methodology he has perfected and used with leading companies worldwide over the past 30 years, allowing clients to identify disruptions, problems, and game-changing opportunities they would have missed without this powerful tool. The ANTICIPATORY  Model  is a four-step process that brings certainty and confidence by empowering you to:

  • Know What’s Next – Based on the Hard Trends and Soft Trends that are shaping your industry;
  • Develop Opportunities – Using his methodology to identify future disruptions, problems, and customer needs, clients learn to identify game-changing opportunities;
  • Shape the Future – By refining the opportunities into a few Must-Do actions that elevate current strategy;
  • Accelerate Success – By applying a proven problem skipping technique, and sharing a compelling FUTUREVIEW®, based on the trends that are actively shaping the future.

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Flourishing in uncertainty?

Flourishing in uncertainty relies on your ability to anticipate disruptions, problems, customer needs and opportunities better than your competition.

You can’t accurately predict everything, but you can predict more than enough to make all the difference. The future is there for you to see it, when you know where and how to look for it. These certainties, known as Hard Trends, are future facts and are visible all around us:

  • Just as your smart phone has gotten smarter with each iteration, the mobile, social, virtual, and visual revolutions that are happening today will continue to advance rapidly in an amazingly predictable way;
  • Just as fall will follow summer, Baby Boomers will get older; they represent predictable problems as well as new opportunities;
  • Just as governments issue new regulations at specific times of the year, regulations offer predictable problems and opportunities for those who know where and how to look for them.

CEO Perspective: The benefit of an Anticipatory Leader™ Workshop

The AO™ Model Workshop

The Anticipatory Leader™ Workshop is designed with busy executives in mind and can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format depending on your goals.

By teaching you and your leadership team to separate the Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen—and using these insights to identify game-changing opportunities, you can turn disruption into competitive advantage.

Digital Disruption is the new normal. If it has already happened to you, it will happen again and again. You can react to disruption in the most agile way, or you can anticipate disruption giving you a choice: Disruptor or Disrupted.

Every business process will be transformed over the next five years. That’s a Hard Trend. The Soft Trend is; will your organization transform your processes or just change them?

If it can be done, it will be done. Hard trends let’s you see what will soon be possible.

And if you don’t do it, someone else will.

“The strategy day with Burrus and AO Learning System has allowed us to efficiently and cost effectively train our top leaders and as a result, we have significantly elevated our company’s strategic plans. We have also accelerated our investments in specific technologies and new products, which has given us a significant new competitive advantage.”

 -Jim McIntyre, President and CEO


The Anticipatory Organization Workshop helps establish a mindset, a common language and eventually a culture of being anticipatory for our clients. By making this anticipatory skillset a core strength of our teams, it brings creative and new ideas that make us more valuable to our clients and it creates a game changer for our firm.”

-Joey Havens, Executive Partner


“The opportunity to meet with you was critical as we search for new and innovative ways to meet our mission requirements. Your insights into the use of global hard trends to anticipate future disruptions, problems, and opportunities as well as the Anticipatory Organization Learning System provides a solid framework for how current and future leaders can learn to be better at identifying opportunities and shape decisions in a dynamic environment.”

-William Bender, Lt General, USAF-CIO