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How did Amazon, UBER, Tesla, Apple and SpaceX revolutionize the taxi business and disrupt entire industries? The answer is Anticipation: the ability to foresee growing problems, disruptions, customer needs and game-changing opportunities. In today’s business environment, the only constant variable is “change.” Businesses that are able to predict change—and that have the confidence to act on what we call HARD TRENDS—have the biggest advantage in tomorrow’s market.

Futurist Learning System


The ANTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION® Model is a transformation acceleration business model that transforms planning and accelerates innovation and growth. The model, as well as it’s Hard Trend Methodology, goes beyond fast reactive agile strategies by providing and anticipatory methodology that contains a framework for turning exponential change and disruption into actionable opportunity and advantage.

The Model is a systematic method to accelerate transformation that is comprised of four key disciplines containing a total of twenty-eight strategic components:

  • Know What’s Next (Anticipatory Planning)
  • Develop Opportunities (Anticipatory Innovation)
  • Shape the Future (Anticipatory Culture)
  • Accelerate Success (Transformational Results)

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Powerful Tool for Leaders

The ANTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION® Model is a powerful tool for leaders, emerging leaders, managers, planners, and sales teams.

You can use this model to:

Know What’s Next

HARD TRENDS will happen, they are future facts – they provide Certainty. SOFT TRENDS might happen – they can be influenced. The Three Digital Accelerators provide accurate timeframes. Transformation becomes your advantage.


Develop Opportunities

Every HARD TREND provides a new opportunity. Learn to use the Eight Hard Trend Pathways to Innovation and how to anticipate disruptions, problems and customer needs, to identify game-changing opportunities.

Shape the Future

Elevate and accelerate plans by using Hard Trend Opportunities to drive transformational innovation. Use certainty to sell your ideas, transform how you Communicate & Collaborate, and become the Disruptor.

Accelerate Success

When your entire team shares the Anticipatory Organization Mindset that’s based around the certainty of HARD TRENDS, it will drive your organization’s strategic velocity and accelerates success.

Elevate and Innovate with Daniel Burrus

Transform Plans and Accelerate Innovation with Futurist and Disruptive Innovation Expert Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus helps clients to see invisible opportunities and solve seemingly impossible problems. He has a 40-year track record of accurate predictions, which is evidenced by his seven books, thousands of published articles, and his long and diverse list of repeat clients. Daniel has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, and heads of State, delivering powerful insights and actionable strategies. He changes how his clients think about the future, planning, innovation, disruption, and most importantly, what is possible.

Having worked with so many industries and challenges combined with his proven methodologies helps Daniel see the invisible opportunities and solve impossible problems. He changes how his clients think about the future and teaches them how to separate the things that will happen from those which might happen.

CEO Perspective: The benefit of an Anticipatory Organization