Watch Tv On Your ComputerI recently read an article in the New York Times titled “Youths Are Watching, but Less Often on TV.” In it, the author wrote, “Television is still America’s number one pastime, with an average of 4 hours and 39 minutes consumed by every person a day.”

But if you look at the demographics of who is watching and how they’re doing so, you start to see an interesting picture. While people over age 35 are watching more television, those in the 25-34 age bracket are watching less, and the viewing habits of those in the 12-17 age bracket dip even more.

But this is not to say that these demographics aren’t watching TV shows; they’re just not watching them on television. Rather, they’re streaming their favorite shows and movies directly to their laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Why is this trend taking place? It’s simply another transformational change—this time it involves how we consume video content. And by the way, the trend of people using their smart phones, tablets, and laptops as their preferred way to watch TV shows was fully predictable. And looking forward, it’s obvious that IPTV (Internet television) is next.

In fact, I already predicted earlier this year that in 2012, Smart TV Using Apps will get a major boost in the marketplace, fueling a major shift in home viewing. Ever wonder how you could have over 500 cable or satellite channels and nothing to watch? You didn’t have apps on your TV allowing you to personalize the experience. This is the beginning of a major shift that will take place in living rooms globally. We’re already starting to see apps, like an HBO app and other cable station apps. Currently, you still have to be subscribing to a cable station to get those apps, but that’s going to change too as time passes on.

Additionally, in the near future, multiple app stores for all smart phone, tablet, and television operating systems (Android, Blackberry, Windows, and others) will take off, creating an abundant distribution and sales ecosystem for all. This will cement the revolution versus evolution that apps software for television represents.

So while Americans will still enjoy their TV shows and movies, the majority will opt to no longer need a television (or even a cable or dish subscription) to watch them.

Daniel Burrus

Article first published as We’€™re Watching More TV Shows…Just Not on the Television on Technorati.