Health sport woman with smart watchApple’s smartwatch launch will launch far more than their smartwatch, it will launch wearable technology into the mainstream for the first time and create enormous growth opportunities for both companies that are already in the wearable space, and new companies that will spring up thanks to a rapidly growing consumer demand.

Even before Apple’s launch, there is a growing list of naysayers who are predicting that the Apple watch will fail.  May say they there is nothing on the watch you could not already do with your phone and many go on to say that there is no business case for an Apple watch.

This reminds me of when Apple launched the first iPad, and many of the same media pundits and blog writers said it was just a big iPod Touch and would not take off.  On the other hand, before the launch, I predicted the iPad would create a computing revolution that would rapidly be embraced by business and education. As we all know, this did come to pass, and it will again!

First, let’s keep in mind the enormous number of people who already own an iPhone, iPad and other Apple products who are raving fans of their products. It will only take a small percentage of Apple fans to buy a smartwatch to create massive sales numbers.  The buzz on social media will also convince prospective buyers to take the leap and buy one as their friends and family members share which watch they’ve purchased and why they love it.

One of the most basic selling points that will become clear early on will be the fact that taking your phone out of your purse, belt clip or back pocket to see who is calling or texting you is a hassle. The convenience of simply glancing at your watch to see who is calling or texting and responding with your voice will be a simple, but very big benefit.

And let’s not forget about the hundreds of entrepreneurial mobile app designers who will see the opportunity of smart watch apps and start creating innovative and seductive uses that will drive further sales.

Apple will not own the wearable market, let’s face it, there are more Android smart devices than iOS devices, and there are already many companies who are already selling wearables that have nothing to do with a watch.  What Apple will do is launch wearables into the mainstream globally and in doing so, start yet another revolution that will once again change how we live, work, and play.