You read that headline right: everything does suck!  And in this article, I’m going to give you the solid reasons why this makes me both optimistic and excited about our future!

Think to yourself: On any given day, how many times do you hear someone grumbling about their phone not working well, traffic patterns on their way to work driving them insane, how a business of any kind inconvenienced them by having poor customer service, or a government institution – commonly one like the DMV – putting them in a sour mood?

You can likely think of several instances of things like this occurring, right? Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is you complaining about something that’s slowing you down, wasting your time, or simply not working the way it should.

What about the computer or tablet or smart phone you’re reading this on, is this the best humans can do?  What about the seat you’re sitting on now, is that the best seat humans can possibly design? Is it the perfect chair?  No!

I said it above, and I’ll say it again with confidence: Everything sucks!

Now, before you close this article after reading a seemingly pessimistic introductory outlook on our world, I implore you to be patient and read on, because believe it or not, this is a very good thing! But how? And more importantly, why are people increasingly jumping to the notion that if everything sucks now, things will only get worse.  The answer is that they don’t see the opportunity for themselves and others.

Think of it this way: Everything sucks because no product or service is perfect and that’s great news!  If everything was perfect, you and I would have no way to improve anything, no reason to innovate because there would be no problems to solve. Since everything is imperfect, there are infinite problems to solve, endless ways to improve a product, a process or a service, and countless reasons to apply our creativity and new technology to create an innovative solution that’s far better that what we have now.

We Expect Perfection

The confidence a business or organization demonstrates about their creations in their marketing has a powerful ripple effect on a consumer’s psyche, and as a result, said consumers believe the product or service truly is the perfect solution.

The problem is business owners and consumers only think a perfect product or service can be created. That in no way actually makes the world perfect.

The term ‘perfection’ itself actually details this reality in its definition: “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.” Being as free as possible of issues is an extremely subjective observation, and the fact that in the very definition of the term ‘perfection’, we have included both “free of flaws or defects” and “as free as possible” means we have generalized the very concept of perfection from the get-go, setting us up for constant disappointment.

Our Needs and Expectations Evolve

If you are a business leader, put on your consumer hat for a moment. How often do you feel frustrated with a product or service that we now know isn’t perfect, and in that frustration find yourself stammering, “why don’t they just do this or that with their App; that would be so much easier!”

The subjectivity of human needs really authenticates the concept that ‘everything sucks’ in that we are never fully satisfied with what we have. That’s not to say we are greedy or ungrateful for what we do have, but instead, as a primordial survival trait, we are always looking for a better way to accomplish something.

Because it is so heavily ingrained in humans to want something better, thinking products and services are perfect as they are goes against the very science behind evolution. So, to tie this into what I call an Anticipatory Mindset: If you think your product or service will never be disrupted by something that better solves the problem, you are knowingly setting yourself up for failure!

Look for Opportunity with An Anticipatory Mindset

I stated at the start of this article: Everything sucks, and this is most definitely a good thing! Everything can be improved and if you think big enough, dramatically improved!

We think everything sucks because perfect is impossible. That means that all of us as entrepreneurs, business leaders, and employees, are already prepped with an Anticipatory Mindset unconsciously. The key is bringing it to our conscious minds and acting on it!

One of the key principles of an Anticipatory Leader, is to Keep Your Opportunity Antennae Up! As a consumer, the next time you’re frustrated with anything, take a breath and instead recognize it as an opportunity. This specific product, service, or process may be a status quo that a business is clinging to that not only could be improved upon, but should be improved upon with your suggestions and actions.

Nothing is perfect, and that’s why everything sucks. Just always know that this is a very good thing, providing you with endless opportunities to improve everything, and to positively impact the world and the people around you.