• Millenials
    Millennials: Underuse Them at Your Peril

    Are you taking your young employees seriously enough? Too many companies aren’t. Case in point: In my consulting work, I once visited a large—strike that, very large—company, one of the …

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    Adaptive Ads Get Personal

    Remember the scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise’s character walks through a mall and is hailed by ads that recognize him and speak to his specific desires and concerns? …

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    What Can Watson Do For Your Company?

    Companies are using IBM Watson to grow and transform their businesses in huge ways that are making a lot of professionals nervous. Instead of writing it off as “another new …

  • GrowConnectivity
    Grow Connectivity for the Developing World

    One hot frontier for innovation right now is to expand and grow the wireless Internet access for the developing world and thereby open up entirely new markets for digital services. …



When IBM launched IBM Global Business Services with their top 40 industry experts to plan a game-changing future for IBM, the only outside resource they used was Daniel Burrus. (The meeting was a great success, and he has continued to work with IBM).


When Vodafone launched its Global Mobile Enterprise service to Fortune 200 companies, they chose Daniel Burrus to deliver the message to C-level Executives in multiple national events.


When Deloitte gathered leaders from China and SE Asia for a major forecasting event, they chose Daniel Burrus. (Based on the success of that event, Deloitte has changed their industry-forecasting model to incorporate Burrus' Hard-Trend methodology.