We have all used the term “high tech” at one time or another. But there is a new term I have coined that is far more powerful: higher tech.

Technology-driven change comes to us and at us very well disguised; as savior, enemy, innovator, disruptor, blessing, and curse. My goal is to unmask high technology and reveal it’s real face – yours.

That’s right. It’s not the tools that are all-important; it’s what you do with them. Because for all its momentum, technology-driven change still lacks one thing: a steering wheel. And that’s where you come in. It is imperative that high tech remain the servant of humankind’s inherent genius for figuring out what our newest tools could do, what they should do, and most importantly, what they must do.

Now that the high tech genie is out of the bottle, can we cram the wily magician back in there? No way! And that’s fine by me. Higher tech has such enormous promise that it’s worth a little extra effort to get the kinks out. If I may borrow from Intel’s famously successful slogan and logo: Higher tech has people in it.