Mobile Social MediaIf your company is using social media marketing but has not yet gone mobile with it, you must do so as soon as possible. Here’s are some compelling reasons why:

It expands your Internet footprint. You can only monitor and respond to so many Facebook,Twitter, and other social media posts from your desk. However, when you can post from your phone, you can say what’s on your mind whenever you want.

It improves your search engine rankings. Each post you put out on the social media networks points back to you or your company. That increases your listings on search engine results.

It establishes you as the expert. When you can post your information and ideas at any time, it will happen more often, which builds your reputation and credibility.

It improves communication and feedback. Many companies are monitoring people’s tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook. If they notice people who have problems with their company, products, or services, they find out about it right away and make changes in real time. This, in turn, builds positive relationships with customers.

It drives a steady stream of prospects to your business. All of the social media sites are becoming business friendly, enabling you to create a business-oriented presence.

It fuels content generation. Because you’re micro-blogging and doing Facebook entries, you’re creating content and getting it out there. And since content is king these days, you definitely need a way to keep your information flowing into your prospects’ and customers’ hands.

It supports decision-making. You can make better decisions if you’re monitoring what’s going on in social media about your industry, marketplace, etc. And when you get these updates directly to your phone, you don’t have to wait until Monday morning when you get to your office to make a big decision. You can make it and implement it in real time.

What other benefits can you imagine by going mobile with social media marketing? How could these benefits impact your job with your company?