A lot of companies have mobile strategies, but they’re often focused around smart phones and smart tablets. As such, they spend much time and money developing apps they can use within their enterprise.

Realize, though, that mobility is far more than apps, and it’s far more than tablets and smart phones. Actually, mobility involves many technologies that are coming together, giving us anytime, anywhere, by anyone capabilities. In other words, mobility is about cloud computing, just as much as it’s about smart devices, just as much as it’s about apps, just as much as it’s about increasing wireless broadband. The key is to understand how this all works together.

Therefore, when you think about mobility, don’t just think about devices and apps and how you might use those. Step back and create a bigger strategy, because mobile is far bigger than that. Instead, ask yourself, “How can we accelerate growth and gain new competitive advantages using mobility to transform all of our business processes, including how we communicate, how we collaborate, how we innovate, how we train, how we educate, how we sell, how we market, and how we share knowledge?”

When you ask yourself that key question, you’re likely to get a better business strategy that goes way beyond just apps and smart devices. That’s because all of those things, and many more of our basic business processes, will be transformed by mobility.  The business goals of mobility enabled transformation will be far more than dramatically increasing efficiency, they will also include using mobility to create new products, services, markets and in the end careers.

Remember, if you don’t do it, someone else will!