The Anticipatory Organization:

Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage

Discover proven strategies to accelerate innovation and shape the future—before someone else does it for you!

The Anticipatory Organization, Hardcover, Released October 10, 2017
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Move beyond agility. Find out how anticipation accelerates innovation and shapes the future.

Technology-driven change is accelerating at an exponential rate, but moving fast in the wrong direction will only get you into trouble faster! Reacting to problems and digital disruptions, no matter how agile you and your organization are, is no longer good enough.

The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to separate the Hard Trends that will happen, from the Soft Trends that might happen, allowing you to jump ahead with low risk and the confidence certainty can provide. Accelerate innovation and actively shape the future—before someone else does it for you!

Digital transformation has divided us all into two camps: the disruptor and the disrupted. The Anticipatory Organization gives you the tools you need to see disruption before it happens, allowing you to turn change into advantage. In The Anticipatory Organization, Burrus shows us that the future is far more certain than we realize, and finding certainty in an uncertain world provides a big advantage for those who know how and where to look for it.

Inspired by the dramatic results that organizations are experiencing from his award-winning learning system, The Anticipatory Organization offers a comprehensive way to identify game-changing opportunities. Using the principles of this proven model, you will learn how to elevate planning, accelerate innovation, and transform results by pinpointing and acting upon enormous opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Separate the Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen
  • Anticipate disruptions, problems and game-changing opportunities
  • Identify and pre-solve predictable problems
  • Accelerate innovation (both everyday innovation and exponential innovation)
  • Pinpoint and act upon enormous untapped opportunities
  • Skip problems and barriers to succeed faster

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See What People Are Saying

See What People Are Saying about The Anticipatory Organization Book

“If you’re in business and you’re not thinking about disruption, you’re not paying attention. And if you haven’t read The Anticipatory Organization, you haven’t learned how to think about—and get ahead of—the disruption that’s headed your way. Read this book!”

Alan M. Webber Co-founder, Fast Company Magazine

“The Anticipatory Organization provides critical insights into trends shaping the future of business.  Daniel Burrus delivers a powerful vision for driving growth and innovation within a company.  This is a must read for emerging digital leaders within industry.”

Jude Schramm, CIO General Electric Company – Aviation

“The Anticipatory Organization provides a compelling methodology to enable each of us to identify future trends and meaningful opportunities in a time of hyper change.  Simple in its approach, yet truly transformational in its results.”

Joel Doherty, Head of Global Strategy and Business Development, EPSON Cloud/EPSON America

“New disruptions are constantly changing industries. But, with The Anticipatory Organization in hand, you now have a choice: Disruptor? or Disrupted? That’s a power advantage – and this is a must read for every brand.”

Andrew Vesey Founder & Co-Editor, Brand Quarterly Magazine


The Anticipatory Organization is a must-read book for planning, decision making and growing the bottom line. Burrus has prepared a detailed flight plan to assist organizations, of all sizes, in gaining altitude and avoiding a lot of turbulence.”

Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines, Author:  The Winds of Turbulence

“Ever since we introduced your Anticipatory Organization concepts to our leaders and managers, our ability to solve complex problems has dramatically improved.  We commonly talk about Hard Trends and Soft Trends and how defining them gives our planning efforts certainty in the uncertain world of healthcare. The Anticipatory Organization is a must read for every leader!”

Roger Spoelman, Regional President and CEO Trinity Health/Mercy Health

“In the 21st century, leaders can’t merely react to transformational change, they need a disciplined model for anticipating and shaping the future. The Anticipatory Organization provides a compelling model that helps shift leaders’ mindset from reactive to proactive and empowers them to impact the future with skill and certainty.”

Doug Conant, Former President Nabisco Foods Company; Former President & CEO, Campbell Soup Company; Former Chairman, Avon Products, New York Times Bestselling Author; Founder, Conant Leadership

“There is no shortage of trends, the problem is which ones will happen? The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to separate the Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends that might happen giving you and your organization the confidence to make bold moves.”

Joel Portice, Chief Executive Officer, Intermedix

The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to elevate your planning based on the Hard Trends that are shaping the future, and how to accelerate your results. It is a must read for any organization that is experiencing increased competition and an uncertain future.”

Terry Halvorsen Former DoD CIO, EVP Samsung Electronics

“As an inventor and innovator, it is always refreshing to find a new take on innovation. Dan’s new book can help you sift current trends to find those most likely to happen and give your organization confidence to make bold moves.”

Terry Jones Founder, Founding Chairman, Author of ON Innovation

“Reacting to disruption and change is getting harder every year. Learning how to see change coming before it arrives by becoming anticipatory turns change into you biggest competitive advantage. The Anticipatory Organization does this and far more, read it today!”

Greg Kammer, EVP, Strategy, Retail and Sales Operations, Ashley Furniture Industries

“The future doesn’t need to be nearly as unpredictable as we fear. Whether we work in a large organization or a one-person shop, Daniel Burrus shows us in highly practical terms what’s coming next and what leaders must do right now to get ready for it. Act on this wisdom before your competition does.”

-John R. Ryan, President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership

“Daniel Burrus offers readers a roadmap on how to think and act differently. The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to accelerate both everyday innovation as well as exponential innovation throughout the entire organization.”

William J. Bender, Lt Gen, USAF Chief Information Officer

“Putting out fires and managing the crisis of the moment are important, but pre-solving predictable problems or skipping them all together is far better. The strategies and principles in The Anticipatory Organization can directly benefit both your business life as well as your personal life.”

Barbara Nollau, Executive Director, Device Quality, Amgen

“Daniel Burrus offers a unique perspective and critical insights on anticipating digital disruption and provides unprecedented advice to stay ahead of the technological curve. If you’d like to drive innovation and growth within your company while minimizing risk, The Anticipatory Organization is a must-read.”

Anoop N. Mehta, President, SSAI

“Finally, a guide to creating an anticipatory, innovative culture capable of getting ahead and staying ahead in these disruptive times. The Anticipatory Organization will show you how to transform your organization for success, create an anticipatory culture capable of both everyday innovation and game-changing, exponential innovation. A must read for every leader looking for a competitive advantage.”

Tom Hood, CPA, CEO of the Business Learning Institute and Maryland Association of CPAs

Daniel Burrus is one of the brightest and most innovative people I know. The Anticipatory Organization explores solid strategies that can propel you, your team, and your business in significant ways. Read it. Discuss it. Apply it. Benefit from it.

Dr. Nido R. Qubein, President, High Point University 

The Anticipatory Organization teaches readers how to go beyond being agile to truly being anticipatory by understand future facts which can lead to seizing unseen opportunities.  This book is a game changer if you want to be a disruptor rather than disrupted. Truly a future ready mindset, love it!”

Joey Havens, Executive Partner, Horne LLP

The Anticipatory Organization shows you how to find certainty in an uncertain world and use the confidence that comes from certainty to jump ahead of the competition and stay ahead.”

Jack Canfield, CoAuthor of the bestselling Chicken Soup book series and CEO The Canfield Training Group

“In an era of exponentially-increasing complexity, The Anticipatory Organization’s simple approach to identifying future trends and innovation is a breath of fresh air.”

Derek A. Bang, CPA, CGMA, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer | Healthcare Performance Services Leader, Crowe Horwath LLP

“The Anticipatory Organization challenges readers to think differently – about their assumptions, about their opportunities, and about perceived hurdles.  The concepts in this book can easily apply to individuals as well as organizations in terms of developing capabilities to innovate using Hard and Soft Trend methodologies.  Dr. Burrus challenges longstanding notions about change curves and points out that there is no time like the present to seize opportunities.  With an AO Mindset, the future is an exciting place!”

Kim Fields, VP, Learning and Organization Development, JM Family Enterprises

Daniel Burrus’ new book The Anticipatory Organization empowers you with the planning and transformational tools you need to leverage change, turn disruption into opportunity and ensure the future happens with you–not to you.”

Alan D Whitman, CPA, CGMA, Chairman and CEO, Baker Tilly

“The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to accelerate growth by jumping ahead of the competition with low risk. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants an edge on tomorrow.”

Kevin Harrington- Serial Entrepreneur; Original Shark on Shark Tank, Co-Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization

The Anticipatory Organization is an incredibly logical, practical and easy to read tool kit for any business leader driven to shift their firm to the highest levels of success by embracing an anticipatory mindset – a mindset that “anticipates solutions at the speed of need”

Risa Lavine, Chief of Staff, CohnReznick