Technology Futurist

Foreseeing what is to come in any industry is no easy feat, but is a necessity to plan for the future. Strategic planning is critical to staying ahead of competitors and is not always conducted efficiently by businesses. Technology is and will continue to be a powerful force in how and when markets change because it is the one aspect in every industry that advances at a never ending rate. There is no predictable end to the innovations that will arise through the changes of technology, making it a critical indicator for what the future may hold.

Daniel Burrus, of Burrus Research, has been predicting future global market trends for over 30 years, making him a prominent tech futurist across the world. He is the only technology futurist to have identified which technologies would become the reason for economic changes seen across markets for decades. Through knowledge of Hard Trends versus Soft Trends, Burrus has discovered a method that has proven to give his clients a competitive advantage in becoming industry innovators. These game changing tools allow clients to learn strategies, on a personal and global level, that impact the way they see out decision making. By incorporating what lies ahead in the now, Daniel’s clients are given the leverage needed to step out leaps and bounds ahead of their peers.

As a technology futurist, Mr. Burrus gives his clients insight into which leading-edge technologies will impact their markets, both directly and indirectly. Daniel provides professionals with tools to take back to their organizations to accelerate growth, profit, and innovation by identifying how technology can be harnessed to change a business’s path. By changing this course of action now, companies will be better equipped to fulfill customer needs in the future.

Burrus Research has created an online learning platform that allow any corporation the ability to use the world’s leading tech futurist’s methodologies in their business strategy. The Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System is a fantastic choice for leaders looking to become more informed on how to anticipate market changes to bring forth new strategies for their teams and businesses. The basis of the system is the ANTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION™ Model, which gives organizations the knowledge to detect which trends are sure to happen within their market. These Hard Trends can be used to create opportunities, accelerate innovation, understand what is coming next, and shape what the future holds for their business.

The training system provides specific areas of development, including trend analysis, customer needs, sales obstacles, and new opportunities. Executives can learn how to apply technology changes to their business strategies and spread their knowledge to every level within their organization. With Mr. Burrus’s dedicated research on hand, companies big and small can be prepared to reform their business through use of the Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System. Anticipating how technology will transform an industry is important, but anticipating how to use these transformations to benefit an organization is even more imperative.

By unfolding the uncertainties of the future, technology futurist, Daniel Burrus, transforms how decision making and planning are done. Applying his knowledge of Hard Trends and future technologies, Daniel will rewire the way any organization is structured to prepare for the future, not the present.


A post event “mini consultation” follow up call with Daniel Burrus is included with every keynote presentation.  During this follow up, Daniel Burrus will help you to keep the momentum from his presentation going  by identifying next steps, specific to your organization, that can be taken to create strategic value and competitive advantage.

Watch the Reaction

Watch the reaction to Daniel Burrus’ Recent Keynote presentation.

Daniel Burrus has over three decades of being right about where things are going, which is evidenced by his long and diverse list of repeat clients. Daniel has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, and heads of State-delivering powerful insights and actionable strategies.

A ‘must-hear’ presentation.

Steven A. Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

Your thoughts on how to create an opportunity for change through a customer focus is the excellence our team is striving for. The framework you provided on innovation, creativity and customer value will be instituted as a management practiceto enable the technology infrastructure group to take Wells Fargo to the next stage.

Victor Nichols, Wells Fargo

By applying Daniel Burrus’ principles to our business, in less than a year we have been able to double our revenues and increase the value of our company by a factor of four, and we feel the biggest impact is yet to come.

Arni Bellini, CEO, ConnectWise

Recent Work

Recent Work

When IBM launched IBM Global Business Services with their top 40 industry experts to plan a game‑changing future for IBM, the only outside resource they used was Daniel Burrus. (The meeting was a great success, and he has continued to work with IBM).

When Vodafone launched its Global Mobile Enterprise service to Fortune 200 companies, they chose Daniel Burrus to deliver the message to C-level Executives in multiple national events.

When Deloitte gathered leaders from China and SE Asia for a major forecasting event, they chose Daniel Burrus. (Based on the success of that event, Deloitte has changed their industry-forecasting model to incorporate Burrus’ Hard-Trend methodology.

A Master at Tailoring Presentations

A master at tailoring his presentations to the specific needs of your audience, Daniel is a futurist keynote speaker who identifies game-changing trends and strategies to help you:

  • Empower audiences to take positive action.
  • Separate the Hard Trends that will happen from the Soft Trends than might happen
  • Learn which current and emerging technologies will have the biggest impact on your industry.
  • Learn how to creatively apply these technologies to create strategic value and competitive advantage.
  • Anticipate Disruptions, Problems, Customer Needs and New Opportunities
  • Learn how to leverage the skills and talents within your organization in new ways.
  • Learn how to use new tools to change the rules of your industry with honesty and integrity.
  • Learn powerful personal strategies for shaping your future.
Daniel Burrus’ Speaking Accolades

Daniel Burrus’ Accolades

  • The New York Times named Daniel as one of the top three gurus in the highest demand as a speaker.
  • One of the Top 21 Speakers For the 21st Century by Successful Meetings Magazine.
  • He has been voted by his peers and clients as one of the Top Five Futurists and Technology Speakers every year since the award program started.
  • A member of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.
  • He has delivered over 2,700 keynote speeches on six continents to audiences from 25 to 12,000.